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15th Jun, 2020 06:26:11 PM


The main problem with the entry is that when reading it, it looks more like a complaint written by someone who read the YMMV page instead of being someone who has followed the series from the beginning.

Regarding Moondancer and to a lesser extent Apple Bloom, it is information that only serves for comparisons, not for "Common Knowledge", since these are not errors (much less common), these are previous situations that are similar to those of Starlight that were much clearer and better written.

Edited by RicardoRenegado
16th Jun, 2020 03:52:37 PM

Is that what happened? I haven't seen that episode in a while. So Starlight thought cutie marks were bad overall, but she had no qualms about having her own cutie mark and thought some other pony getting their cutie mark would break a new friendship but Starlight getting her's wouldn't break it, and she even wallowed about not getting hers the same time Sunburst got his?

I guess that would contribute to Starlight's Fatal Flaw about letting her emotions cloud her mind since she's a very emotional pony and has a Never My Fault streak regarding her status as a villain, but that can't deny she's a Hypocrite who's actions render her Unintentionally Unsympathetic. I guess maybe the writers wanted her to be more complex in terms of writing villains, but I don't think they really thought this through. I'll give them brownie points for at least making it stand out among the villains of this show, even if it doesn't work completely.

Edited by NateRiver18

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