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The TVTropes Trope Finder is where you can come to ask questions like "Do we have this one?" and "What's the trope about...?" Trying to rediscover a long lost show or other medium but need a little help? Head to You Know That Show and try your luck there. Want to propose a new trope? You should be over at You Know, That Thing Where.

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9th Apr, 2020 11:23:05 PM

The closest trope that fits what you're looking for is Paranormal Episode, if it's only for a single episode, or a single chapter.

Otherwise, plain 'ol Genre Shift should do.

10th Apr, 2020 03:50:35 PM

Something Completely Different for the supertrope, see also Out-of-Genre Experience

Early Installment Weirdness and Growing the Beard are when this is part of a serial work finding it's groove, which often involves the evolution of a Myth Arc through gradual Continuity Creep

Cerebus Syndrome is when the work not only expands in scope but also grows more serious.

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