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20th Feb, 2020 08:27:34 PM

No, it would not be an edit war. However, if the other troper changed it back to Alice, then it would be an edit war, and you would be guilty too if you changed it to Bob again without any discussion.

20th Feb, 2020 09:08:18 PM

To clarify, it's an edit war if an edit gets undone and you re-do the same edit (or a similar one).

In your example, your second edit isn't the same as your first one: first you add the base example, then you correct a different piece of information.

20th Feb, 2020 11:15:08 PM

Right; an edit war is about going back-and-forth over the same edit. Say, if you wrote the example, they added the line, and you deleted that line, that may be an edit war; but the scenario you describe isn't.


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