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12th Feb, 2020 11:12:42 PM

It has to do with the demon themselves being Not Always Evil

Or maybe the demon was a Token Heroic Orc

13th Feb, 2020 05:16:02 AM

It's more to do with the situation as a whole, similar to Raised by Wolves or Raised by Orcs. Basically the monsters are nicer/better to the character than the humans ever were.

Edited by sgamer82
13th Feb, 2020 07:01:46 AM

Definitely an element, but not what I'm after.

Edited by sgamer82
13th Feb, 2020 03:07:11 PM

"Better Raised By Nonhumans", is that it?

I think elements of it is covered by multiple tropes; Raised by the Supernatural for starters.

13th Feb, 2020 04:44:59 PM

Raised by the Supernatural and Changeling Fantasy are probably closest, but it doesn't seem we have a specific trope for the situation I'm after (person's life is so crap that falling in with the "bad guys" is a step up).

I'll likely take this to TLP once I get a draft together.

13th Feb, 2020 05:01:01 PM

^ It's indeed that, right? "Better raised by nonhumans"?

"person's life is so crap that falling in with the "bad guys" is a step up" sounds kinda too specific though.

13th Feb, 2020 05:12:59 PM

Kinda want to call it Subverted From Bad to Worse- while it initially seems like a worse situation, it turns out to be a better one in the long run.

13th Feb, 2020 05:53:54 PM

^^ It's not necessarily raised by non-humans. I did say it's typically a child but doesn't have to be so.

13th Feb, 2020 06:12:43 PM

"Better Living With Nonhumans" then?

13th Feb, 2020 11:05:05 PM

Yeah. I was thinking something like 'Better Off with the "Bad Guys"' as a possible TLP draft name if we didn't already have it.

14th Feb, 2020 12:47:19 AM

^ that name is too vague

Before you're making it, I want to know: is the "bad group" here actually good, or they're evil but they treat the guy better than the good group? The latter could be Evil Pays Better


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