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13th Jan, 2020 03:17:03 PM

From what I can see on Wikipedia, the title as aired was The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

13th Jan, 2020 03:25:25 PM

I used to watch that show. Yes, ^ is the correct title.

13th Jan, 2020 04:29:36 PM

I guess Young Indiana Jones was more of a shortened/common use title. Editors should be wary of this when creating a page; we had this same problem with "Japanese Spider-Man", which never was the title of the series, just how it was called.

I'll consider moving it.

13th Jan, 2020 05:03:13 PM

I generally go by title card or cover art for any work's "official" name. Marketing sometimes means it has more than one option. Heck, the poster we have on the page says it should be George Lucas Presents The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Personal preference is to use what bwburke94 said.

13th Jan, 2020 07:38:52 PM

^^ In the specific case of the Japanese Spider-Man, the page is at Spider-Man (Japan). Due to the large amount of other Spidey adaptations starting within a few years of it, disambiguating by year didn't make much sense. Same applies to the Spider-Man (PS4) video game, the Marvel's Spider-Man cartoon, and so on.

14th Jan, 2020 05:45:03 AM

^I know that, I'm the one who moved it to Spider-Man (Japan) during the migration of works from Main/; it was in "Main/JapaneseSpider-Man at the time (thus being a three-fer; work page in Main/, using a hyphen, and incorrect title). Disambiguation by country was indeed the best choice.

14th Jan, 2020 06:17:19 AM

The issue here is that the page covers both The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (the name as it aired) and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (the name of the re-cut home release).

In other words, the page is a bit of a franchise page.

Granted, I think it would be perfectly fine to use one or the other (I lean towards Chronicles since I think it sounds better, though I'm biased because I only saw it on air), but I'm assuming that's the reasoning for using a name that it never actually aired as.


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