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6th Nov, 2019 08:14:08 AM

It probably means you're trying to edit the instruction page itself, which is a no-no. Instead, follow step 1: Find the blank page to edit. (Make sure when you type in the namespace and title that it's correctly spelled.)

6th Nov, 2019 08:40:30 AM

Here is a red link you can start editing: Webcomic.Muted.

It's sometimes better to prepare the page under Sandbox/ namespace: Sandbox.Muted if you want to make sure everything is correct (work pages need a description and at least three well-explained tropes).

6th Nov, 2019 08:56:24 AM

Thank you, that really helps. I had tried making another page where I erased the "title goes here" part, but not the rest of it. It would let me fix the title. For future reference is there a way to do that or is it just you mess up you're stuck?

I also started to put in the trope of Abusive Parent. When I typed it in it didn't come up with the link to the tropes page, and when I copied the url from the abusive parents trope page it showed the whole url instead of the blue text. Editing tips said to write it as "Abusive Parent" is that how that works?

When I went to edit the faulty page I made it only gave me 19 minutes, and after I saved one trope it didn't let me edit again. Do I need to make the whole page in sandbox in order to be able to edit and once I put the whole thing on the official page i cant change anything

6th Nov, 2019 09:21:42 AM

1) Hard to tell what the problem was. If you mess up a page (for example if you misspell the title or the namespace), it can and should be cut, i.e. removed from the wiki. If you can't edit something, it probably means the page was not created.

2) Yes, that's correct and it's how Wiki Word and CamelCase work. If you type AbusiveParents, it gives you Abusive Parents. We don't use the whole url for linking among the wiki articles. If the trope name is just one word, we use curly brackets: {{Sadist}} gives you Sadist.

3) The editing lock (those 19 minutes) is for you to know for how long no one else can start editing the page. Really, it's not an issue for brand new pages because there is basically a zero chance that someone else will try to edit it, too. The edits will save even if you hit "save" when the lock is expired. (It's however useful to pay attention to the time lock for pages with multiple editors; if you fail to save your edits on time, someone else's editing can "eat up" your work.)

You can save your progress gradually, for example you can "save" the page after one trope example is done, then you hit "edit" again and start writing your second example etc.

I really recommend the Sandbox page, because it is a place where you can't mess up. It's a namespace for practising formatting and preparing pages before they're 'quality articles', good enough for the wiki itself.

I don't quite understand what the problem was when you say "it didn't let me edit again" because only problematic pages (those that for example attract trolls) are locked.

ETA: It might be a good idea for you to check a "source page" of any webcomic article. You'll see the markup and formatting, and you might get a better idea what your article should look like in the text editor. For example, have a look here.

Edited by XFllo
6th Nov, 2019 09:21:43 AM

When it says "NamespaceGoesHere" you're not supposed to literally enter NamespaceGoesHere. The namespace for your work is Webcomic. See Namespace for an explanation of namespaces.

Don't paste the entire link. Just the Wiki Word. Just the words after the last / in the URL.

The entire link is

What you want to type is just AbusiveParents.

Take a look at other work pages to get familiar with the formatting. For example, see how the description and tropes are laid out in Dumbing of Age

Edited by Tabs
6th Nov, 2019 09:32:17 AM

Okay, I checked your editing history. This is the article you created: NamespaceGoesHere.Title Muted. And indeed, it's a mistake, like Tabs says.

But don't worry, no big harm done. I'll put it to the cutlist. For now, you can copy the text and move it to the Sandbox page (click Sandbox.Muted).

Question for others: We have Tropers.Muted. Should the webcomic be titled Webcomic.Muted 2019?

6th Nov, 2019 09:53:28 AM

No, that doesn't affect anything. Fast Eddie and Septimus Heap are also cases of work/troper name sharing.

6th Nov, 2019 10:30:43 AM

So I was putting a few tropes into Sanbox.Muted and then I hit saved them, but when I went to edit again it doesnt give me the option. It also mentions that it hasn't been indexed, is that the problem?

Also, for indexing, when i clicked on Index-Index it just took me to all the listed tropes. Do I index the muted trope by indexing it in a trope it has. If I do that will I be able to edit?

6th Nov, 2019 10:51:41 AM

On the page is a dark blue-grey banner right above the title with the "Edit Page" link.

The Index Index is every single index. That's too much to go through. Once the sandbox is ready to be moved to the proper namespace, go to Webcomics, and there's a list of webcomic types. One or more of those is the index you want to add the page to.

6th Nov, 2019 11:43:59 AM

How do I mark spoilers?

6th Nov, 2019 11:46:37 AM

^ [[spoiler:text]]

Remember to follow Handling Spoilers.

8th Nov, 2019 11:23:49 AM

I'm trying to add a page image. I got to edit page, I upload the picture, I hit done, but when I go back to the page it doesnt show

8th Nov, 2019 11:29:43 AM

After uploading, you gotta copy the text and put it on the page yourself.

Don't upload it again. Here's your two uploaded images:

I would suggest at this point to go to a random trope or media page and copy the image markup and go to your page and paste it, then replace it with the uploaded image. If you don't need a caption, you can delete the [[caption:blahblah]] portion.

Edited by Tabs
8th Nov, 2019 01:46:31 PM

@Laylabelle 97

I also sent you the PM, but I got no reaction, so I'm writing it here. Please pay attention to proper formatting. You didn't add asterisks (*) in front of tropes. Others had to fix it for you. Also it's customary to add colons in front of example context and end sentences with full stops. There were also some spelling mistakes (spell checkers are awesome for this thing) and some examples might need more context.

8th Nov, 2019 01:57:21 PM

You should probably check out Text Formatting Rules and How to Create a Works Page. Much of what you have asked is in there.


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