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13th Aug, 2019 10:02:40 PM

I mean, "less ambitious or less satisfying" sounds pretty opinion-based to me.

15th Aug, 2019 06:25:59 AM

Maybe, but the index is still 25 tropes to 6 YMMV. (And two of those YMMV are straight-up audience reactions, which this definitely isn't.)

Should we even have indices that mix tropes and YMMV?

15th Aug, 2019 06:35:48 AM

I mean, between the complaint magnet nature of it, the subjective nature of "less ambitious or less satisfying," and potentially the "to a certain climax," it absolutely should be YMMV.

15th Aug, 2019 06:57:23 AM

I agree that its most certainly a YMMV trope.

15th Aug, 2019 09:17:58 AM

It's definitely YMMV. It's subjective because what one person thinks is a cheap cop-out, another can find to be artistically motivated. What one person thinks is less satisfying another may find more satisfying, and so on. There are no objective standards for this.

Not even when we have Word of God that the author themselves thought it was a cop out is it objective, because it's still just an opinion and creators sometimes underestimate their own work.

15th Aug, 2019 02:59:15 PM

Is it possible you think it's not YMMV because you agree with the examples? Just a possibility. It's definitely a subjective trope.

15th Aug, 2019 03:24:33 PM

I think their problem is that this is an index that contains non-YMMV tropes (some of which are not necessarily cop-outs)

15th Aug, 2019 03:25:55 PM

Whoops, yeah, misread the query, my bad.

15th Aug, 2019 04:33:00 PM

^^ I have several problems with this, of which that is indeed one. It's sounding like the only one anyone agrees with me on, though, so let's focus on that for now.


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