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14th May, 2019 08:36:20 PM

That troper aint right.

15th May, 2019 03:59:47 AM

I do question the weapons page.

15th May, 2019 06:21:33 AM

This isn't the first time I've heard them having rudeness problems.

15th May, 2019 08:24:45 AM

Can confirm the above statement. Though I have made some royal screw-ups on the page and its subpages, it didn't warrant them rubbing it in my face and making threats of disciplinary action.

EDIT: Regarding the weapons folder, that was left over from what I believe was an official compromise on the page for the first game, after the page Weapons.Destiny got put on the permanent red-link club.

Edited by TrocyteV
15th May, 2019 08:29:15 AM

That said, the weapons folder reeks of users trying to get around mods explicitly saying "no, don't make a goddamn characters page for the weapons."

... and why did those deleted sections have their own folder separate from the A-Z folders?

Edited by Larkmarn
15th May, 2019 10:04:18 AM

I don't recall if there was an official ruling for the weapons folder itself - last time I asked, they only pointed towards the weapons subpage being redlinked. That said, it was a compromise over whatever happened to warrant it.

Frankly, I'm okay with the weapons page going away. Should we make a separate thread?

Berrenta MOD
15th May, 2019 10:16:17 AM

Sent a rudeness notifier.

Since they have gotten quite a few, suspension time as well.

Edited by Berrenta
15th May, 2019 11:51:10 AM

As for the edit they made which triggered this discussion, is it safe to revert (under the pretense of "don't touch it without prior discussion") or can it be considered a valid edit on its own?

15th May, 2019 11:56:00 AM

Edit: never mind, late to the party...

Edited by WarJay77
15th May, 2019 12:16:44 PM

^^ Yes, it's a valid edit. Re-adding the division would require troper discussion/consensus.

15th May, 2019 12:21:25 PM

Like I said, why did that deleted section have its own folder?

15th May, 2019 12:22:24 PM

My bad, I thought ABD had axed the weapon tropes. Yeah, the raid-specific trope folder needed to go.

15th May, 2019 01:51:20 PM

Probably beating the dead horse, but another of his edit reasons was "That was a stupid pothole and you know it" on a YMMV edit.

Anyway, I'll see if I can start a new thread for the D2 weapons folders getting deleted.


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