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11th Feb, 2019 07:26:54 AM

Restoring some of the bad edits, then.

Honestly, narm usually needs some cleanup so him denying one of the most clear cut examples in years is just... bad.

11th Feb, 2019 09:18:36 AM

Woah they neutred the Martha scene. Thats probbaly one of the most signature cases of this trope.

Yeah thats not good...

28th Feb, 2019 06:08:57 PM

I am going to restore the Film the examples he removed and Let's hope we don't have to do this again.

1st Mar, 2019 12:09:29 AM

Wait he removed this stuff again.

1st Mar, 2019 06:06:46 AM

So he did.

That said, he did leave discussion first so that's on me.

Though honestly it's so long and rambling that I cannot parse it to refute it so... yeah. If someone else wants to refute (or write up a new entry altogether, as the old one was flawed), go ahead, but there's a zero percent chance I'm launching into that Wall of Text.

4th Mar, 2019 12:59:20 PM

I tried to reason with him but he seems to rely on Insane Troll Logic (he apparently thinks winning a Pulitzer means you skip work as much as you want and not get fired or saying I can't use mainstream comics as evidence because the story takes inspiration from the Dark Knight Returns) and some hypocrisy too. (he throws away some of my cunter-agruments as just speculation but speculates himself to justify some of his points like Superman didn't help rebuild because his powers may not be on the same level as in the comics). I am honestly not sure he even gets the point of some arguments such as how burning the bodies wouldn't work or how Lex could have priviatized Kryptonite by bribing another politician. He probably needs to get banned because I am not a fan of edit wars and he doesn't know what the word speculation means. (it is not speculation to say that say orbiting satellites would be destroyed by an EMP it is a known fact)

Edited by Emberfist
Fighteer MOD
4th Mar, 2019 01:30:59 PM

Suspended Deeed again.

4th Mar, 2019 01:57:21 PM

Frankly I am tired of the edit warring so I am sending to this thread to discuss potential rewrites to the entry.


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