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5th Dec, 2018 08:35:42 PM

The edit war isn't starting up, it's already happened, because the edits were added, then reverted, then re-added.

5th Dec, 2018 08:37:24 PM

Whatever the case is, it looks like something that could get ugly.

5th Dec, 2018 08:41:58 PM

I was trying to say things already have gotten ugly, based on what's stated on Edit War.

5th Dec, 2018 09:31:35 PM

They've also made some questionable edits on YMMV.Thor Ragnarok, shoehorning in a rather popular character as The Scrappy.


Edited by SatoshiBakura
5th Dec, 2018 10:02:24 PM

Man, their edits to Thor: Ragnarok don't even work, since they added Korg as a Base-Breaking Character and The Scrappy. A character can't be both, and he's pretty well-liked by the fandom from what I've gathered. Combined with their Pokemon edits being focused on bashing another well-liked character, I'm beginning to think they have some axes to grind.

Edited by chasemaddigan
6th Dec, 2018 11:48:02 AM

It's just a hunch, but IP check between A New Man and Darthrai? They just seem... familiar.

6th Dec, 2018 11:54:24 AM

I've also got a feeling that A New Man and Darthrai could be sock puppets.

6th Dec, 2018 12:25:41 PM

I'd think it unlikely at first glance. This is A New Man's second suspension, and the first went back to May of this year. Unless there's been no sock activity from Darthrai in that time I'm saying most likely not unless Darthrai is more subtle than your average evader. On the other hand it looks like Pokemon was one of Darthrai's specific wonks.

Edited by sgamer82
6th Dec, 2018 01:21:33 PM

The problem with Darthrai as far as I know was the eagerness to edit any Pokemon page to try listing every problem with the Pokemon anime and tried to shoehorn personal opinions as fandom facts. In fact Darthrai had edit wars up until the permaban.

While it wasn't the straw that broken the camel's back, this constant editing to add negative opinions to the Pokemon anime did eventually help spark some YMMV items to get restrictions now like the six month wait for Broken Base for example.

Anyways I think this query is done, but it's good to note this for history's sake in case anyone needs to look up this history in the future.

Edited by Ngamer01
6th Dec, 2018 10:51:01 PM

Too many behavioural dissimilarities between Darthrai and A New Man and the account creation dates are off as well. A New Man might have some correspondence to another ban evader, but the timing does not fit there either.