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3rd Dec, 2018 07:08:09 PM

Yeah I don't think that's an example that should remain. If every low-tier character had an entry on a given tearjerker page, then Pokémon's would be completely bloated.

That's more on an example under Tier-Induced Scrappy (specifically the Low-tier examples).

3rd Dec, 2018 07:15:35 PM

I'm about as certain as I can be without actually seeing a written policy that "meta" Tear Jerker examples are not allowed.

3rd Dec, 2018 07:18:21 PM

Yeah, I think meta Tear Jerker examples are taboo.

3rd Dec, 2018 07:26:12 PM

If you actually cry over the fact that a character is not as strong as another, you ought to reevaluate what you're doing with your life.

The second bullet point violates Example Indentation rules, Examples Are Not General, and is natter of the worst type.

Also, the edit reason reads: "It may not be a Tearjerker for you or me, but it's more than likely a Tearjerker for someone else—your mileage may vary, after all", indicating that the troper who added it doesn't even find it sad, and added it on the off-chance that someone MIGHT have found it sad. If we're going to do that, we may as well add literally everything that's ever happened in a work to every single "Moments" page.

Edited by Zuxtron
4th Dec, 2018 07:26:59 PM

It seems the problems with it are pretty clear, gonna zap it off the page.

Edit: You know, looking at that page again, there's a lot of "meta" examples regarding the Voting Gauntlets, which have no story element to them at all and are just popularity contests. It really amounts to Fridge, or basically making things up. "This character has a sad life in canon, so imagine how they'd feel when they lost!"

I wonder if tearjerker pages in general may need a clean up, because "it's sad if you think about it" isn't an uncommon problem on them.

Edited by HarpieSiren
5th Dec, 2018 01:58:11 AM

^There's already a cleanup thread for similar problems with Nightmare Fuel (particularly regarding entries that are either misplaced Fridge entries or are hypothetical instead of based on actual opinions), so I'd imagine one could be made for Tear Jerker if there isn't already one.

Edited by GastonRabbit