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Edit banned/Suspended - would like to edit again.

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This is the thread we use to talk things over with people who received a suspension notice. A lot of the time the notice goes out just so we can explain how seriously we take certain things, not because we want the person to feel bad and go away.

For a fun site, we're pretty fussy about stuff like grammar and spelling, for example. More than you would expect, considering that we do want the funny. Everything is better with the funny.

Leave a note here indicating you want to talk the suspension over, then hang in there for a bit. A moderator will be along to talk to you about the situation.

NOTE: If you see another banned person post something that you want to comment on, don't. This thread is for discussion between banned people and Mods - no third parties invited.

While you're at it, browse What to Do If You Are Suspended.

edited 2nd Dec '13 9:48:19 PM by FastEddie

Jun 26th 2012 at 12:19:04 AM

^ But I want to edit again.

shimaspawn MOD from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
Jun 26th 2012 at 12:56:12 AM

Then you should behave like you want to edit again, here in this thread and elsewhere. Act like a calm, responsible adult, and not like a petulant child.

Reality is that, which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. -Philip K. Dick
Jun 26th 2012 at 1:04:06 AM

I honestly have no idea what I'm supposed to have done this time.

Jun 26th 2012 at 1:15:50 AM

^^ I'm starting to behave like that from now on, as I said before.

Deadbeatloser22 MOD from Disappeared by Space Magic Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Jun 26th 2012 at 1:38:50 AM

@Wagahai: Using the the wiki to complain about how you think a show is unrealistic, to the point of attempting to shoe-horn non-YMMV tropes onto a YMMV page.

"Yup. That tasted purple."
Jun 26th 2012 at 2:54:20 AM

Okay, please unban me now. I'm starting to calm down.

Jun 26th 2012 at 2:56:53 AM

Well, I was actually trying to be nice, since Firefly fans get very defensive when you point those things out. I figured putting them on YMMV was the diplomatic route, from the standpoint of "you may or may not think this matters"; I hadn't realized there was such a hard-and-fast rule about what can or can't go there.

Can I put my points on the main page? See, just, objectively, Firefly is unrealistic. Science is not a matter of opinion. Go read the "Respecting Science" and "Common Misconceptions" pages over on Winchell Chung's Atomic Rockets. Other than there not being sound in the space scenes and not having constant rocket-glows (which, hey, credit where credit's due), Firefly violates every single one of those rules. It needn't impede your enjoyment of the work, but an Acceptable Break from Reality is, by definition, unrealistic.

Deadbeatloser22 MOD from Disappeared by Space Magic Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Jun 26th 2012 at 3:41:58 AM

YMMV is specifically for subjective and reaction tropes. It is not for absolutes that might be a bit controversial.

Although I do find it interesting that you're only ragging on Firefly rather than other Science Fiction series, some of which are more unrealistic than that one.

"Yup. That tasted purple."
Willbyr MOD Anime-ted from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Jun 26th 2012 at 3:43:07 AM

The vast majority of sci-fi works violate Real Life physics to one degree or another; trying to single out one show to complain about this is quite silly.

Nate, spamming this thread with "unban me now"-type posts is a good incentive for us to do exactly the opposite.

Resize || Upgrades || My dA page
Jun 26th 2012 at 6:08:47 AM

Hype Backlash.

Firefly gets placed ridiculously high in the Mohs Scale article, for one thing. Nobody points to exactly two things that, say, Star Trek got right, and claims that theyŚdespite all the other nonsenseŚmake it hard science fiction.

Firefly fans go out of their way to praise every single thing about the show, and try to shout down any criticism. When I pointed out on the No Sense of Scale article that the terraforming is too fast, a troper called Zaptech came in with justifying edits about "based on current technology". Only, no, "acceleration=force/mass" is not "current technology", it's a law of physics (also, "based on current technology", terraforming is completely impossibleŚwe simply can't do it).

Also, frankly, I get annoyed with Browncoats' attempts to claim the series' vagueness about its technology is a defense. See, the rule in science fiction is that all of physics as currently understood is canon, unless specifically stated otherwise. If they don't mention why, say, making out right next to the engine-reactor doesn't cook you alive (which it would, in a real shipŚno decent spaceship engines are powered by anything you want to be anywhere near, not without several feet of lead between you and it anyway), we simply have to assume it was a mistake.

shimaspawn MOD from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
Jun 26th 2012 at 6:11:48 AM

We don't care how much you dislike Firefly. This wiki is not the place for your rants. As you show no remorse and only seem to be ranting here instead, I am afraid we can not restore your editing privileges. We don't allow any troper to fill the wiki with bashing on any work.

Reality is that, which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. -Philip K. Dick
Jun 26th 2012 at 6:16:57 AM

@Best Of How do I report somebody to the mods?

BestOf MOD FABRICATI DIEM, PVNC! from Finland Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
Jun 26th 2012 at 6:23:45 AM

How do I report somebody to the mods?

That depends on where you are. On the fora, you can click the yellow triangle above the post that's giving you grief. It takes you to a Holler page, where you can write a message to us and that message, along with a link to the post you're Hollering, gets sent to us.

If you're in the Wiki, you can go to Ask The Tropers. Or you can go to Know The Staff and pick a mod (it doesn't matter who you pick, except if you know who's online you'll get a quicker response) and click on the link labeled "Contact" next to the mod's name. It takes you to a Send PM screen, where you can write a message to that mod. Just tell us what's bugging you, and we'll go and take a look.

Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur.
Jun 26th 2012 at 9:05:49 AM

i never said i owned the page. i only added back what was deleted because i saw that the link was still active.

lu127 MOD Paper Master from 空蝉丸
Jun 26th 2012 at 9:13:21 AM

Someone's missing the point.

Another troper was cleaning wicks for a renamed trope. When a trope's name is changed, we use the new name, while the old stays as a redirect. Indeed, if you click This Is Sparta, it will take you to Punctuated! For! Emphasis!. You kept Edit Warring over keeping This Is Sparta, and your final edit reason was this:

that's besides the point. when the people who made this trope page want something to stick, the want it to stick. it doesn't matter if that trope was old, it can still be used so it stays.

It doesn't matter who made the page. Your editing rights over it are no greater than anyone else's. Especially when they are doing cleanup work.

Finally, that was a Zero Context Example, therefore it should not be there anyway.

edited 26th Jun '12 9:13:51 AM by lu127

Jun 26th 2012 at 9:14:07 AM

alright, i see. my mistake.

lu127 Paper Master from 空蝉丸
Jun 26th 2012 at 9:46:57 AM

Alright, don't get into another Edit War again. Suspension lifted.

lu127 MOD Paper Master from 空蝉丸
Jun 26th 2012 at 11:32:01 AM

Did you get into an Edit War? No. Then I'm obviously not talking to you.

Tell you what, take some time off to calm down about everything. We can discuss lifting your suspension again on July 2nd, if you manage to calm down and act maturely.

edited 26th Jun '12 11:46:36 AM by lu127

Jun 26th 2012 at 11:35:33 AM

^ I'm already calming down.

Deadbeatloser22 MOD from Disappeared by Space Magic Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Jun 26th 2012 at 11:44:25 AM

[up][up]I believe you mean July 2nd. tongue

[up]The fact that you have spammed this thread asking when you're going to be unbanned does not convince me of this.

edited 26th Jun '12 11:45:24 AM by Deadbeatloser22

"Yup. That tasted purple."
Jun 26th 2012 at 12:02:28 PM

July 2nd!? Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.

edited 26th Jun '12 12:02:49 PM by NateSpidgewood

Jun 26th 2012 at 1:37:35 PM

I assume I'm being ignored.

Jun 26th 2012 at 2:36:22 PM

I've been suspended. What for?

Wait, nevermind. I saw the note on Ask The Tropers. Fair enough.

edited 26th Jun '12 2:38:52 PM by MrDeath

ccoa MOD Ravenous Sophovore from the Sleeping Giant
Ravenous Sophovore
Jun 26th 2012 at 2:37:53 PM

As I said in Ask The Tropers, I gave you a 4 day editing suspension for your rudeness on Headscratchers.Monty Python And The Holy Grail, since this is not the first time it's caused problems.

Waiting on a TRS slot? Finishing off one of these cleaning efforts will usually open one up.

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