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Ummmm....ohhhhh kaaaaay....

People will usually refer to me as a she, but it's not unheard of me to cause Viewer Gender Confusion. Surprisingly. Also known as Lulu, Lunan and a bunch of other weird nicknames.

I joined the forums on October 2011. I randomly edit the wiki here and there, but my large procrastination levels don't let me manage as much as I might have wanted. I can usually be found wandering the workshops, playing video games, sorting random pages or chatting in the Naruto thread. I may or may not be responsible for all the madness going on there.

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I sure hope I don't get any vandals...

Saber Seal of approval awwarded by Shlugo (the Burger King) for being awesome

  • lu! Grab my sword!... ADVENTURE! - Shlugo
    • 'kay, but you'll have to carry me.
    • Very well, I shall carry you... like a princess! >:)

  • Could you delete the Return To Neverland Page? I'm extraordinarily incompetent with computers. ~Lhipenwhe

  • I'm the best. Not you. Meeeeeeee ! ~ The Westerner

  • You have offended her! I challenge you to a children's card ga— Duel to the Death! ~ Wanderlust Warrior
    —P.S., you need more stuff on here.
    —P.P.S.: I think you've gotten enough love now. Alright guys, back to my page!
    • Not before you proceed with that children's card game. :P
    • We did that! Back to my page, brudda!

  • You definitely need more love. We've sisfisted (that sounds kinda perverted...) on my page already, but lets do it a second time. Sisfist! :D ~kay4today
    • I feel like such a woobie for needing more love...:P And of course, DOUBLE SISFIST!!!

  • You needed more love, so here is mine <3 ~ Saiga
    • Why, thank you. Is it because I have Hinata's rape face at the moment?
      • Yes. Now double love for Konan avatar.
      • Dat Hinata......DAT Konan......DAT lu - The Westerner
      • You're giving me way too much love...
        • In response to your avatar's tagline. Yes, I would like a flower ~ Saiga.
        • Careful, I might have left one of my 6 billion explosives in it....
          • But I protected you from the bad man! D:

  • Your page needed more win, so I showed up ~ Cruherrx
    • You can't imagine how honoured I feel. XD

  • Congratulations for starting Kekkaishi! Lord Uro welcomes you!

  • Your new avatar still makes me squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee every time I see it. ~ Saiga

  • Hey, Lu! You seem to be popular around here, ya? - X2X

  • Wow, you know a lot of languages! I'm having trouble just learning one extra language, I have trouble imagining learning so many! - Keyseeker

  • WRITE ME AN ENDLESS SONG! ~ phoenixdaughterAM

  • I like you. You have a nice personality and I think you're a good person. Plus, you're fun to talk to and you gave me my nickname. P.S. Kitties are the best animals ever. - TheWesterner

  • Lu! Master of Unlocki- oops I mean Paper! - Viktorious

  • And now your page enjoys the Royal Swag of the Burger King!- Shlugo

  • Kittyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ~ Risetteer

  • Lu is such a dedicated troper ~ Godnat

  • Vandalism? - Autumncomet

  • Wait I haven't vandalized you yet? Damn I thought I'd vandalized all my favorite tropers from the Naruto thread. - Vyctorian

  • Good day, Lu-ojou-sama... -desdendelle

  • I can't believe you're a mod now... or rather, I totally can! I called it! I even said you'd make an excellent mod once! - kay4today

  • I suppose that even though I don't know you all that well, I've enjoyed chatting with you every now and then. And I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your service as well. ~ Dark Confidant

  • You are ridiculously awesome, so I created the vandalism folder for you! [insert cool smiley here] -Indigo12ash
    • Oops! Forgot to add that I really like your page image. [another cool smiley] -Same troper as above..... really Google Chrome?! T-r-o-p-e-r is too a word!!! *googles* Hmm, I guess it's not... Wait, why the crap is "googles" underlined red when I edit this page as well? You know what, never mind. You're awesome Lu.

  • Greetings from the other half of the GMT+2 Squad! -Best Of
    • I salute our derails! :P

  • I'd just like to say that you are an awesome moderator. -Magcargo Man

  • Your page has been hit by COLOR! -Telcontar

  • Threatening the suspension of editing privileges just because some stupid individual decided it was a good idea to shoehorn. Abusing moderation power, much? At least he'll be to scared to do it again. Peace. -Rondomi

  • Never know what to say in these things... —Oh No A Bear


  • So I hear you ate a folder...what does it taste like? — ryzvonusef
    • Folder-eesh?

  • Greetings from the Wizard Boy! — Septimus Heap
    • Hey! How's the Wizard Tower!

  • Hear me, Moderators! Help me achieve the Plan of the Moon's Eye, and I promise you, the world will be similar to TV Tropes. — Madara