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Not to be confused with cocoa, either the drink or the programming language.

Ccoa is a female software engineer living in Montana. In her spare time, she makes videogames and writes. She is inordinately fond of mythology, which is the origin of her somewhat unusual (and often misspelled) internet handle. Ccoa is pronounced "so-ah," no emphasis. She is currently working on an Eastern style RPG titled Shades.

I am an Engineer for the Trope Repair Shop, Image Pickin', and Wiki Talk forums. Feel free to PM me if you need help in any of those.

Pages started by Ccoa (and she is a Wiki Curator for all of them):

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Pages suggested by but not written by Ccoa:


Pages launched but not suggested by Ccoa:


Pages seriously revamped by Ccoa:


She has also made it a bit of a mission to organize the examples on any page lacking the proper groupings. Yes, she is a bit of a perfectionist.

Stuff Ccoa digs:

Alternative Title(s): Cocoa