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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 23rd 2019 at 10:49:11 PM

Underground Bunker, Tech Lab

After crafting a few weapons and gadgets, Ichigo checks his inbox on a tablet and opens GC's email, then reads through it before replying.

I'm partial towards a noir-style theme myself.

TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 23rd 2019 at 10:59:51 PM

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 slowly opens her eyes. She checks the email on her phone and replies: While I like the future, you can't beat the classics.

She gets up, takes a bath, changes to her work clothes, and goes to check out her expanded office.

"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Aug 24th 2019 at 1:42:59 AM

Outer Space, Billy

After the season has ended, Billy is disappointed at Pak Somat failing to get the podium again. He immediately nominates his next tributes after that. Having determined it since weeks ago, he calls Marinette, Giorno, and Abbacchio, saying that before the trip to Voidlands, which will finally happen after Season 58, they will have to compete again. However, he said they will do so with the rest of their friends.

Soon, Billy orders Kayla to go with Giorno, Abbacchio, and Marinette to bring their friends. They will be Bruno Bucciarati, Guido Mista, Narancia Ghirga, and Pannacotta Fugo for Giorno and Abbacchio, and Adrien Agreste, Alya Cesare, Nino Lahiffe, and Chloe Bourgeois for Marinette. Kayla accepts the request, and ventures into the universes to bring them. Also for Marinette and her friends, Billy also give an instruction that they all should start in their superhero selves instead, as Ladybug, Cat Noir, Rena Rouge, Carapace, and Queen Bee respectively.

After this deed, Billy looks at his simulator, which he hasn't used yet, before watching the news. Apparently, the explosion is covered pretty quickly, as footages start to surface, intriguing Billy when he looks at it. He soon send an order to his clone to send some corporate scientists and magicians to research what happened, as well as mercenaries to guard them.

Next after this, Billy receives Detective Gamechanger's message. Looking at it, he heard of the party that will happen. Billy soon replies that he prefers a futuristic and luxurious theme. He also offers that to add to Detective Gamechanger's party, he can offer a trip through The Federation of Kendor for the nominators, as well as tributes and helpers they bring alongside them, visiting a lot of interesting points in it.

Eagle's Hawk Corporation

Billy's clone executes Billy's order, giving tasks to some magicians and scientists, as well as mercenaries to travel to the site of explosion. Before that however, the clone asks for the administrator of the District and area a permission to send investigators there. He does so by sending a message to the person.

Meanwhile, with the knowledge gained from the Ribey unit researches, the corporation start to manufacture androids like them. They are however superior in a lot of regards, and powered by both technology and magic, with advanced, easily rechargeable battery for power, as well as intelligent, adaptive, and technological AI for life and mind, and finally, life force, and artificially manufactured soul to further give them life.

As for the Gloryhounds, the Kendorian actually start to search for them in the Hunger Games universe, scouting the space on it for their presence. So far however, they haven't come across the group yet, who is now with Timewrecker.

And finally, while the heroes are still preparing, and the journey to Steven Universe world is still pending, Billy's clone walks into a corporate building in another planet, in a trip that take mere seconds as he goes through a portal in his office. He is there to see the progress on the Voidlands Suit. A researcher and a magician appears, and they show him the suits, now fully manufactured and in enough amount for the tributes Billy now have, as well as the nominators that will go there.

The suit is manufactured using technology, but enhanced through magical enchantments, especially light magic due to the dark nature of the Voidlands. It can also amplify the biological (in this term power coming from the user's own body, like physical power and biological superpower) and magical powers of the user to some degree too, as well as having other useful functions like scanners, portal gun, etc. It is also pretty durable and flexible, and can adapt to some degree. As for it's appearance, it takes the form of a full body suit similar to what a certain superhero group wears for one moment in another universe. It is white, with brown helmet, blue sleeves, and a black line running vertically in the center of the suit. To wear it, the suit can assemble itself in similar way to Iron Man's suit.

Seeing it, the clone is satisfied. Surely, Billy and his tributes, as well as his loyal servant, will all be happy to wear it. And maybe his nominator friends too.

Mhazard MY WORLD from Hong Kong Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Aug 24th 2019 at 2:06:12 AM

District 1 Outpost Access Permission

"This is Scientist Hassel, I'm hereby to grant you permission and access to the outpost in District 1 for the investigation on the accident caused by my subordinates. As you can tell, when I fell asleep for more than a week, my entire facility was operated by Ribey, my most trusted servant. However, even though she's not a bad person, she's so reckless that she went out of her way to summon tributes without an instruction manual, and then she went missing after the accident. If you could help me to recover her and her colleagues, I'd be grateful. At the meantime, I'm hereby to apologize for my colleague neglecting the email sent a few weeks ago. Could you please send me that email again? Thank you."

Hassel has granted the Eagle's Hawk Corporation the permission to access the District 1 Outpost for the investigation. At the meantime, he has attached the mail with 1000000 Panem Dollars for the investigation fee. He clearly placed his trust on one of his earliest clients.

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Cute girls are cute.
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 24th 2019 at 4:22:21 AM

Underground Bunker, Tech Lab

Ichigo puts the finishing touches on his latest creation: a pair of advanced gauntlets that housed a variety of wrist-mounted weapons within them. Pleased with how these two Swiss Army Weapons had turned out, he sends an email to 6k1 via his tablet.

First things first, I hope you had fun on your vacation despite having to cut it short. If you brought back one of Goat Mom's pies, I'd like at least a slice, please. Second, who do you think you'll be sending to accompany Power to the Nominator's Party? I'm gonna bring Kabal with me to act as my bodyguard.

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TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 24th 2019 at 6:13:10 AM

The Database Library, Basement

The office now has an additional room right next to it, with the door having a cat flap for Dupe and Mimi to go through. The teleport pad has also been upgraded, and can now accept deliveries up to 6k1's size, or around 5 feet tall.

She enters the new room. In one corner is a small play area for her Experiment assistant and Starble, and in another is an additional charging station for Ally. More clocks and calendars hang on one side of the room, and a gallery of 6k1's podium finishers and mass murderers is displayed on another. There's also a combined mini kitchen and living room, which of course, has a TV in case the arena feed is broken.

6k1 smiles with approval as she goes back to her routine. First, she calls Dr. Phoenix to revive her tributes last season, arranging for D. A. to be picked up by the Bus and Derpy to be sent back to Equestria. Next, she calls Claire to recap the last two seasons, feeling disappointed by Nigel's bloodbath death in Season 56 and Derpy's relatively early one in 57 (though given her clumsiness, it was to be expected), but satisfied with D. A.'s performance in the latter, even if she didn't make the podium or the most kills. Then, she writes to the Fairy Council to convince them to add to Da Rules: Fairies can grant the wishes of other tributes during a season. She also writes to Fluttershy to return Mimi to her, and also send her tips on how to take care of her.

After sending the letters, she receives Ichi's email and reads it.

Yes, I certainly had fun solving the puzzles with my friends on the way to Mom's Home, and bonding with her (and also Frisk) was so sweet! Of course, I brought some leftover pie for you and Power, and also some stuff that I found there. Hope you like them!

As for who I'm bringing for the party, I'll be inviting Dorothy Ann, the Ramon Family, Dupe, and Baymax. This might be subject to change if I nominate more tributes I want to invite, but I'll be bringing D. A. along for sure since she requested it. And yes, I can also attend since I can just leave it to Ally to guard the office!

6k1 then delivers the pies to her friends, along with the Faded Ribbon for Power and the Tough Glove for Ichi. Attached to them are notes that say: Power, I bet you'd look cute in this! and Ichi, I would've bought something from one of the shops if it weren't for Bill and Flowey, and I'm sure you have better weapons at your disposal, but hope you like it anyway!

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Aug 24th 2019 at 6:53:49 AM

Grogar's room

   "I see I was right then. Your powers are impressive, but so weak compared to mine."    said Ultimecia behind Grogar.    "Diavolo may be strong with his Stand, but he is still a mere human. Your illusions will not save you from me."   

Smiling the witch immobilised Grogar and began to choke him with her hands.    "Die, like the old fool you are."   

Valecor's lair, some minutes before this happens

Since the invasion, some groups of lackeys tried to either flee or help their master defending them from the coming threats. Near where Grogar was hidden, was a red BOTW!Bokoblin. His name was Zarblin. At first, he looked like any other Bokoblin. But even amongst the entire race, he was easily one of the most stupid and disgusting. Putting his finger inside his nose before eating the nose poop, he wandered alone and frustrated as he was just rejected by his clan for his behavior. Then Zarblin saw the weird goat Grogar being ambushed by a tall woman with wings. Zarblin foolishly waved his hand at Grogar, not understanding at all that he was about to die. Noticing him, Ultimecia told him.    "Begone hideous minion! I have no time to deal with idiots like you."   

Zarblin did not understand anything, but felt insulted. The Bokoblin did something gross in response. He literally removed his loincloth before showing his butt at Ultimecia and Grogar. That was enough to trigger Ultimecia, who was a very refined witch.    "Why, you little... YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE YOU DISGUSTING WRETCH!"    She dropped Grogar on the floor and chased afer the Bokoblin. Zarblin realised he didn't had any weapon with him and had no choice but to run away. He knew the entirety of Valecor's lair as well as it's secret passages.

Meanwhile, without his partner Diavolo decided to attack other villains instead. Using King Crimson, he started another blooshed.

Unknwon place

   "Tell me Demise. Do you know what was your future was supposed to be?"    asked Zero to Ganondorf.    "Your world is composed of 3 main timelines. In one of them, you have been defeated by the hero and turned into a lifeless stone. In another one, you have been reincarnated but you were trapped within a sacred sword for eternity. As for the last one, you managed to finally recover the full Triforce... Only to be defeated, becoming nothing more but a shadow of yourself."   

   "In each timeline in the end, you had enough. No matter how hard you tried, conquering Hyrule always resulted in failure. You've embraced your destiny as the reincarnation of Demise's hatred, and turned into a abomination far more powerful than any others form. And you almost suceeded, if it wasn't for the hero and the princess."   

   "Why are you telling me this?"    asked Ganondorf, more than annoyed by Zero.    "You are not made to join forces with Valecor. In the end, your fate is the same. Even if with his help, you would have won, good will always find a way and eventually, you will fail. And the very fact that he was defeated by a mere mortal shows how incompetent he is."       "So you are a traitor then? Are you with these fools that have attacked us?"       "I am a traitor, but I am not with them. I simply wish to make you embrace your true nature; Demise's hatred."   

Ganondorf was perplex. Zero had valid points. The great king of evil couldn't really ally with a deity that lost to someone like Gamechanger. And he was obsessed by gaining more powers, no matter if he had to betray his own allies.    "Who told me that even if I become this beast, I would lose again?"       "Simple. The hero and the princess are not here. Unlike in your world, you should be able to becoming the mighty Calamity faster. And... we will help you."    Zero replied, showing ancient ruins. Inside of them, were Kid Buu and 4 Strange beings covered in a purple substance and Sheikah technology.    "These creatures were your creations. They will transform you quickly. Now prepare yourself to finlly unleash the hate you build up for millenias, Demise."   

TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 24th 2019 at 9:04:09 AM

Det. GC's Base

The detective takes note of all the replies he's been getting so far and responds to Billy.

The theme isn't decided yet as I'm still getting responses, but I would welcome that trip for my party.

The Cetus One


The same scientist sends a message to Timewrecker again and he answers it.

   Code Orange, G-13 is heading to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon universes!   

   Very well, guess now is the time to send something of a warning.   

He ends the message and starts writing a letter. Once he is done he hands the letter to one of his minions.

   Give this to one of our members whose exploits are more well-known across the multiverse than our own group and have them go to the Distortion World that's indicated by the universe designation on the letter, the letter is for Maleficent.   

The minion nods and goes searching for one of the many allies of the group that fit that description.

The Distortion World

Soon enough Comics!Ultron (picture) finds himself in the Distortion World.

   Hello there beings of this world, I am Ultron. Now, can someone kindly point me in the direction of Maleficent, I wish to meet her.   

ITT: World of Supers
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 24th 2019 at 11:01:58 AM

Underground Bunker, Tech Lab

After reading through 6k1's reply, Ichigo emails her a response.

Wonderful. After missing the nomination period for this season mere moments before I could send in my tributes, perhaps some delicious pie might lift my spirits.

Now, regarding who you'll be bringing to GC's party, make sure the kids have a way out in case things start getting dangerous. Also, you'll be attending the party in person? A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

P.S., I dunno if Power's told you this yet or not, but I've recently had a couple gifts sewn for her as thanks for such a fun watch party on Season 55. She actually plans on wearing one of them to GC's soirée, and I don't mean to brag, but something tells me that she'll be the adorable, nerdy little belle of the ball.

He then heads to the teleporter room to receive his gifts. After first donning the Tough Glove and posing as if he were Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, he takes his pie to the mess hall, where he practically wolfs it down.


VengefulBale Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn from Earth Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn
Aug 24th 2019 at 11:57:08 AM

Nightmare Appears

Enraged by the commotion outside, Nightmare appeared in the room, first he teleported Grogar to his own dark room, he followed by crushing Diavolo in his giant hand and teleporting him into outer space, so that he'll die there. Then, he turned to Ultimecia and said a few words to her.

Nightmare:    Greetings, fellow villain, it seems you're starting to interrupt my Legion's daily activities, that's something I won't stand for. I am going to give you the choice to leave this place, or suffer the painful consequences. And tell your leader that he if he keeps pestering us, I will not have any mercy and finish him off at once.   

He then glared at her, fully intending for her to get the message and leave. He also killed a few of the minions running around, to make a point.

Nightmare Enterprises' Products

Meanwhile, Customer Service, Nightmare's right-hand, was beginning to broadcast a commercial to sell some of their monsters and products they made in Valecor's Lair, he hacked every network in the known multiverse (Including those of the Nominator's).

Customer Service: Greetings, shoppers. Are you tired of being screwed over by others? Of things not going your way? Is there an issue in your life that you wish to solve but are unable to? If so, then Holy Nightmare Corporation has the right products for you! We sell it all, food, diet supplements, tools, toys, weapons, games and even monsters. Yes, you heard it right! Monsters of all kinds and shapes, for every and any need you have. If you call us now to 66-66-66-67 we'll pack a few bonuses for the monster, such as a hat, or a nice bag of chips. In Holy Nightmare Corporation we promise to bring satisfaction anywhere were we are called.

He then closed the transmission and snickered to himself, knowing fully well how anyone buying their products would wind up screwed over in the end.

He will make you Beware the Superman.
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Aug 24th 2019 at 2:45:10 PM

Diavolo was left to die in space. However, he wasn't finished yet. Smiling evily, he had King Crimson pushing a red button on a remote he had. Half of Valecor's lair suddenly exploded, killing the weaker villains inside it and ruining once again the lair.

As for Nightmare's words, they fell into deaf ears. Ultimecia was absolutely livid and ignored him and the explosion, chasing the Bokoblin. Zarblin escaped the lair, with the witch Following close by. Suddenly, he saw the portal Ultimecia and Diavolo used to get in Panem. He rushed to it, but Ultimecia stopped, realising what that idiot was about to do. Indeed, Zarblin literally ended... right before Giratina as he was studying the strange substance.

At the same time, it was Vaati and Cia who greeted Ultron    "What are you doing here you pitiful robot?"    exclaimed the arrogant Wind Mage.    "Do not attack him."    interrupted Maleficent as she finished to resurrect Diavolo with a device she secretly stole from the Capitol, recognising Ultron as a member from Timewrecker's army.    "If you came here, I believe you have important news."    Suddenly she was interrupted by a loud roar and she looked back at what happened with Ultimecia.    "Curses. Could Giratina have discovered our betrayal because of that little wretch? Worry not, I shall teleport all of us into a more private location."   

She used her staff to get Ultron and the villains loyal to her outside of the Distortion World before Giratina could prevent them for escaping. They landed into Maleficent's castle.    "I believe it is time for Ultimecia to return. Her and Diavolo have greatly weakened their forces. Only Kars remains, let us hope he will be able to destroy both heroes and villains. Anyways, I am listening to your message, dear Ultron."   

TV program, Panem

A new show aired on the national TV. It name was "New Scipion's cooking show". The man wearing the Zoroark costume appeared and before him, was one of his closest friend on a cooking table. "Greetings, folks! I was one of the terrorists opposing the great Snow and here I am to correct my mistakes. You certainly remember Scipion? That crazy Zoroark, the serial killer that plagued our dear country? Well, our dear president allowed me to show all of you that I am be even worst than him! This is what happened when you defy the Capitol!"

The speech of course was absolutely fake. Scipion grumbled as he made the man talk about how great Snow was, etc, etc... He hated to compliment him, but he had no choice if he wanted to have fun. In reality, he used his new powers to perfect his illusions, his species main abilities. He used it to make himself appearing as a robot as he was manipulating the man's mind with a shadow clone, similarly to how he possessed armies when he was an abomination. Unlike the latter, Scipion made sure that the man was still conscious. He also used his illusions to mask the man's face who was obviously crying. The man then put a radio and clicked on it. Then the famous track ''Fantaisie Impromptu'' by Chopin started playing.

If there is one thing Scipion had to recognise about some humans, it's that some were incredible composers. Thanks to Giratina, he discovered a lot of these. Transported by the music, he started to dissecate the poor man alongside the "new Scipion". The victim's screams and "New Scipion" cries that only he could hear inspired him even more. It lasted one hour. One hour where the victim was literally cooked, alive. It was far more gruesome and horrible than anything Future of Panem has ever show. Even the villains watching were horrified by the man's fate. For that pyschopath, torturing people was sometimes a sort of art.

In the end, the head of the now dead man rested on a very beautiful plate with all sorts of tomatoes and potatoes surrounding it. "Were you impressed? I am sure you will love to see more. Sweat dreams, folks!" said "new Scipion" before the show ended

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 24th 2019 at 3:52:01 PM

Maleficent's Castle

Ultron hands her the letter.

   Indeed I am from Timewrecker's group. I do not know what's in the letter, I was just merely told to give it to you.   

Inside the envelope, the letter reads:

   Dear Maleficent, writing to inform you a glitch in reality that our group calls G-13 is heading to the set of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon universes. This is not something to take lightly at all, as my group personally seen what it can do: completely destroy a universe and all within. It's one of my group's personal missions to eliminate the virus one day as something like that is of course bad for business. This virus is less known than our group, so not much is known about it. Twas only by chance we crossed paths with it, a good portion of my crew is from worlds ruined by it.   

   Decided to write this to you just so Giratina doesn't catch wind of it as I despise beings of balance as they tend to get in the way of exploiting resources. If the virus is indeed heading to the universe with your Distortion World I suggest moving everyone out of there save for Giratina. I do have a tropical resort planet I conquered you can use if you're interested, coordinates to that are at the end of the letter. if you take me up on that offer you could probably use the excuse "going on vacation". If G-13 doesn't hit that universe but hits an alternate one, I'll just catch all on video to help research against this thing. I wish I could've pin-pointed which universe it was heading to by now but it's so erratic that it's hard to tell where it's heading until it's too late.   

   Anyways, write back to me and give the new letter back to the ally of mine I sent to you. ~Timewrecker   

The Cetus One

Timewrecker was deep in thought, looking at the footage from Valecor's Lair.

   Hmmm, wasn't quite the decimation of his forces I was hoping for. What to do...   

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ITT: World of Supers
VengefulBale Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn from Earth Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn
Aug 24th 2019 at 5:29:11 PM

Fixing the Mess

Machinedramon stood unfazed by the explosion, and he summoned from his room a group of robotic digimon: Datamon, Clockmon, Tankmon, Hagurumon, Giromon ordering them to fix the parts that were blown up.

Machinedramon:    Make sure to replace every broken part and leave no broken things behind.   

Giromon: Understood, Lord Machinedramon. Get moving you cowardly heaps of scraps.

Datamon: This is going to be a bit of a tough job, but we'll do it fine.

The Machine Digimon then began to get working, fixing the broken parts, as the surviving villains looked on.

Alastor:    Man, what was all that ruckus about?   

Smaug: I don't know, nor I care!

Customer Service then came back from his station and found the whole place in shambles.

Customer Service: Uh, Lord Nightmare, what did I miss?

Nightmare:    Not much that matters, just a few trivial things.   

CS then turned to see the holes blown up in the ship being repaired.

Customer Service: I see...

TTG Universe

Zim was crushed by the building, but was not killed.

Zim: Hey, let me out of here!

Barbamon and Leviamon then turned to Kars and growled in annoyance.

Barbamon:    What does this human want?   

Leviamon:    I don't know, but I hate how he gets to shape-shift his limbs while I can't. Let's squish it!   

Barbamon:    Careful Leviamon, let's not get too hasty here.   

Leviamon then fired a beam of boiling water from it's mouth towards Kars

Meanwhile in the SU-verse

Peridot: So let me get this straight, the Multiverse exists, it is converging into itself and we could all die.

Amethyst: Yeah, pretty much.

Peridot: Alright, I don't want to sound like a pessimist, but this is way beyond us, we could handle Homeworld because it's a tangible threat, but how do we stop this?

Dib: Usually I'll come up with something but the Multiverse goes way beyond what I know...

Dib then turned to GIR and realization hit him.

Dib: Unless...

Pearl: Unless, what?

Dib: Unless we figure out how to use GIR's dimension-opening capacities, maybe that way we could figure out the cause of all this and stop it. But I doubt he'll be of help.

Then they turned to see GIR chasing Bill Dewey, who was holding a sandwich.

Pearl: I can see why.

Then they saw one of the houses that was pulled in from the Convergence and out of it came a man that looked just like Dib, but older and with a white lab coat and long black gloves.

Professor Membrane:    Son, could you explain what these women with skin conditions are doing here?   

Dib: We're seeing a way to fix a Multiversal Convergence.

Professor Membrane:    Multiversal Convergence? Son you're absurd and insane brain still drifts off, I am sad you still don't get invested in REAL science, it's absurd what you're thinking of!   

Amethyst: Hey dude, it's not that absurd! We have proof!

Membrane:    And you got these women with skin conditions into your madness, you should know something as mind-scarring as a Multiversal Convergence is ridiculous!   

Just then they saw as another things came out of a dimensional hole.

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He will make you Beware the Superman.
TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 25th 2019 at 2:02:57 AM

The Database Library, Basement

Not to worry, Mr. Ramon will be watching over his kids. As for D. A., maybe I'll have Twilight accompany her. I mean, it would be fun to see them nerd out on science and books! I'm sure she'll be available when it's party time, because right now, she's preparing for the final Summer Sun Celebration.

As for Power—

She's not even done composing the email when her crystal ball glows. She rubs it.

"6k1!!!" Power squeals as she wears her dress along with the Faded Ribbon. "Thank you sooo much for the gift! Take a picture of me and send it to Ichi!"

She does so and attaches it to the email, with the finished caption: As for Power, she indeed will be the 'adorable, nerdy little belle of the ball' at the party! and sends it to him.

She turns back to the unicorn and smiles. "And did you enjoy the pie?"

"Yesss! Pinkie's gonna be sooo jealous... while Dash would likely be sent flying into a fit of rage if she was served one!" Power snorts at the thought of the pegasus actually transforming into the nightmare version that Pinkie imagined when the latter concluded that she hated pies.

6k1 also laughs, remembering the time when said nightmare version joined an ipecac-drinking contest for the last piece of pie in OT Season 209. Oh, the sweet, sweet irony...

Power continues. "By the way, Pointy just gave me the progress report, and while D. A. wasn't my first student, she wants to attend GC's party."

6k1 just tells her that she already knew that via the unicorn drawing, to which Power nods in understanding. She also tells her about the trip, and Power wishes that she was there with her, although she's also concerned about the fire at Sans and Papyrus's.

The DM then turns on the Arena feed and sees her tributes poof onto their podiums... followed by roughly 25 million Australians and 5 million New Zealanders.

"6k1... if GC's not the one behind those populations... then who is?"

"No idea, but I can't help but notice that the tributes are less likely to fall in love with each other whenever they're around. Not that I'm into the 'shipping' game or anything; it's just an observation as DM..."

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
Psychedelicate A good boy from a galaxy far, far away
A good boy
Aug 25th 2019 at 2:59:34 AM

Psyche's Fanfic School - Vice-Principal's Office

Ms. May is much more agitated than usual. She is pacing up and down her office, leaving her two guests, RM and Jin, confused and a little frightened. Neither of them even dare to bring up the fact that they're on vacation.

"Right," she snaps, "you two should know the drill by now, especially since I'd already explained it to you before those godforsaken data vampires came along and ruined everything."

RM and Jin look at each other, having no clue what the vice-principal is on about.

"You are here for one purpose, and one purpose only. To create a story that exceeds the quality of that told by your dear bandmate Jung Hoseok just a few seasons ago. To this day, his tale is one of the greatest tragedies of all, and widely celebrated in this fanfic school. Principal Psyche values you boys highly, and she trusts you to make her proud."

They nod, speechless. Even Jin is hesitant to speak; he's seen what Ms. May is like when she's angry.

"Oh, and one more thing," Ms. May adds. "Principal Psyche will be participating in this season as well. If you ever come across her, you must treat her with nothing but utmost respect. Understood?"

"Principal Psyche?" Jin looks around, genuinely confused now. "But I don't-"

Ms. May stops in her tracks. "Understood?"

"Y-yes, ma'am," the boys choke out.

Ms. May releases some of the tension she'd been holding. "Good. Now, begone from my office. I will call you back when it is time to begin the season."

The two tributes don't need to be told twice. They're out of there faster than you can say "crazy for myself."

Ms. May slumps into her chair. "This whole group tribute nonsense is getting out of hand... Psyche got roped into it earlier than either of us anticipated... the mastermind behind this likely knows of Psyche's fondness for romance in the seasons..." She rummages in her desk drawers, looking for something. "God, I need some Panadol..."

Been awhile since I've finished any Kuzusouda fics or chapters...
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
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Aug 25th 2019 at 4:22:06 AM

TTG universe

Kars looked down at the Digimons.    "Human? Fools! You have before the last of the Pillar men and the ultimate life form!"   

He immediatly sensed the change of heat in the air when Leviamon started to fire boiling water. Kars already planned his countermove. He easily dodged it by turning his arms into wings and headed towards the Digimon. Some of his feathers dropped on Leviamon and they transformed into gigantic Megalodon that started to bite him, distracting him.

Kars then turned his wings into fins, swimming with great speed towards the gigantic Digimon. He then managed to get him out of the water with his incredible strenght, before using one of his most deadliest moves on him.    "Behold, the very power that I once feared."    he said before unleashing his Hamon on the beast. Kars's Hamon was like being burned by the sun and the skin of the Digimon started to melt as it invaded his entire body. Kars then turned to Barbamon, leaving Leviamon dying painfully.

   "It's useless to resist. You should give up while you still can."   

Maleficent's castle

Looking at how Kars easily defeated Leviamon, Maleficent turned back to Ultron.    "Well, it seems we've already done what he asked. Very well."    She then started to write a letter, informing him that Giratina seemed to have realised their betrayal because of the Bokoblin, but was unnaware that the glitch was heading towards him. After giving the letter to Ultron, she leaded her crew to the planet Timewrecker told them.

VengefulBale Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn from Earth Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn
Aug 25th 2019 at 7:19:14 AM

Fake Out and Victory

Leviamon didn't really feel the attack, so he merely humored the smug attacker by playing dead. Barbamon was on to it and went to find Belphemon, he had no patience for this kind of things and decided it was time to put Kars in his place.

Barbamon:    Belphemon we need you! There's a pestilence right here acting like he can defeat us, let's form Ogudomon and kill him now.   

Belphemon growled and tried to bite Barbamon, who was annoyed by it.

Barbamon:    Get moving you lazy goat or I'll report your insubordination to Lucemon.   

If there was one thing that could motivate Belphemon to act, it was fear of Lucemon, and that was enough to get it to act now.

Belphemon:    [growl] Fine   .

The two then went with Leviamon who was getting approached by Kars, and that's when the other Demon Lord's appeared prompting Leviamon to awaken.

Leviamon:    Heh, oh poor pathetic thing, you thought one of the Seven Great Demon Lords would be killed by a mere attack from the sun? What a fool you are! I have killed Digimon that are far worse than a Sun, and survived against even universal threats, you are out of your league and out of time now!   

Leviamon, Barbamon and Belphemon all then fused into a new form... Ogudomon, who looked like a monstruous spider with 3 swords resembling the Demon Lords embedded into it's body. Kars was furious due to this and immediately attacked again with Hamon, but instead of doing anything, his own attack was reflected back at him three times stronger than before, the last that was seen of Kars was his body being incinerated and screaming as he died.

Ogudomon:    Now learn your lesson, inferior Lifeform. We are the Demon Lords, none of your fancy moves will ever deal with us an if you take us for granted, you'll die   .

Back to the Base

Just then, after dealing with Kars, the trio infused and went back to the portal machine as they had already taken everything they wanted, and so did the other villains, minus Venomous and HIM.

Hordak: Where are the others?

Boxman: I don't know, PV just ran off without me seeing where he went to... And the other guy went to another dimension, so he'll probably take his time.

All of a sudden, a portal opened in the sky and out of it came HIM, wearing a neckakle of skulls.

HIM:    Ah, I'm so satisfied, the little heroes are now no more and I'm ready to leave this place!   

Finally Venomous arrived to the place, he was carrying a suitcase with something inside of it.

Boxman: Professor Venomous, where were you?

Venomous: Looking for some things in the Titans' Tower. And I am ready to leave.

Hordak: Guess that makes it, we're leaving then.

Entrapta: The machine is set and ready to go!

Entrapta the activated the machine and began to locate Valecor's Lair Coordinates, then they saw HIM using his powers to move the sun towards the planet.

HIM:    Don't look at it, I'm just ridding this universe of this planet. Watch it all burn!   

The machine then fully activated and sent everyone back to the Lair, just as the TTG Earth was incinerated by the Sun.

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He will make you Beware the Superman.
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Underground Bunker, Computer Room

Deciding to watch the current season play out despite not having any tributes in it, Ichigo opens 6k1's email when the notification pops up and reads through it, smiling at the pic of Power wearing her Faded Ribbon with the dress he had sewn for her before typing up his response.

Just when I thought Power couldn't get any more adorable, she goes and one-ups herself. By the way, the pie you sent me was delicious.

Then he rubs the crystal ball on his desk.

"Hey, Power! Just got that pic of you from 6k1 and I've gotta say, that ribbon goes really well with your dress.''

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Dark, evil fox
Aug 25th 2019 at 7:53:19 AM

Near the remains of the TTG!Earth, Kars slowly came back, regenerating himself. After all, he was immortal. He quickly used a magic stone to join Maleficent and her group before turning into ice because of space.

   "How did it ended?"       "Just like you wanted. I have been oblirated. These Digimons really are the elite of Valecor's group."       "Excellent."    smiled Maleficent, looking back at her staff.    "Ogudomon, was it? Thanks to you, Diavolo and Ultimecia, we have collected all the information we needed. I would have hoped Flowey would have done the same with Bill Cipher. Fortunately I didn't told him about our plans."       "Because you didn't want to kill any of them?"    asked Cia, unsure of what Maleficent true goal was.

   "Going straight to them would be suicide, with or without Valecor. I managed to collect all the datas of some of the most powerful villains in their legion with a device I gave to them before attacking. That include Nightmare, Grogar, the entirety of the Digimons, etc... I am now sending them to Timewrecker. I am certain he have dealt with these kinds of powerhouse before. Who knows, he may even be able to clone them and correct their weaknesses..."   

TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 25th 2019 at 8:37:24 AM

The Resort Planet

Maleficent's group would see all sorts of tropical paradise facilities nearby they can use. Among them were a spa, refreshments, water rides, etc. The planet's four moons were all visible in the daytime sky, taking up more space in the sky than Earth's moon.

The Cetus One

Ultron warps back to the Cetus One and gives him the letter just as he witnesses the events on the TTG planet. He opens the letter and reads it. He sighs.

   Well I was prepared for this in case they failed, but oh well. I'll give them a last chance of sorts.   

He takes out some holographic messages he premade and edits the multiversal coordinates that's mentioned in them. He hands them to one of his minions.

   I'm aware that Kendor was broadcasting the events of that world, so send the the white box to them. The black box is to be sent to Valecor's Lair.   

The minion nods and does as told, teleporting the boxes to their destinations. Timewrecker the receives the data from Maleficent. He allows himself a small chuckle upon seeing the data.

   Oh, if only you knew Maleficent...   

Valecor's Lair

The black box appears in front of the villains and activates. What shows up as a hologram is an injured and bloodied evil-looking space soldier.

   You're probably looking for revenge against the ones that did this to your base. I do too, as they did this to me. I'd join your group but I'm afraid I don't have long to live. I was lucky that I managed to locate their base of operations. Here are their coordinates...   


The white box appears in front of the heroes that were preparing for battle against the villains. A crying little girl appears out of the hologram.

*sniff* I-I don't know if I'm d-dead or not by the time th-this reaches you, but I found a note in my m-mom's c-corpse hands saying that she found the hideout of these villains...

She takes out the note and straightens it so the coordinates on it are plainly visible.

...and my d-dad was preparing the w-white box when the house shook and killed them from the debris! OH WHY, MOM, DAD, WHY!

She breaks down crying as the message ends.

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ITT: World of Supers
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Marx is checking out the progress of his army. His elites then informs him about something.

"Marx! It seems that Ribey has ended up in the Voidlands!"


"Yeah, and it seems that the scientist that created her has woken up."

"Darn. Well, at least we got her out of the way. Well, my army's already in the Voidlands. Let's see if i can't get them to finish her off."

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Best Nintendo character.
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Aug 25th 2019 at 8:52:45 AM

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 was about to chat with Power some more when her ball starts fluctuating.

"Oh sorry! I have another 'call' incoming! See ya!"

The unicorn's face vanishes. 6k1 then replies to the email: You can thank my mom for that! Actually her favorite is snail pie, but that's a bit too... exotic.

She also adds Power's thoughts about the pie and sends it.

Power's House

As soon as Power ends her "call" with 6k1, still wondering who that sadistic nominator is, her ball glows again.

"Aww thanks, Ich! I wonder who 6k1's inviting to the party besides D. A. ..."

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 25th 2019 at 9:27:06 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

"No problem! As for who else 6k1'll be bringing along to the party, she actually told me just now."

Ichigo proceeds to tell Power which guests 6k1 planned on bringing with her to the Nominators' Party, adding that Kabal would be accompanying him as his bodyguard, and that he wondered if they'd be traveling together with any of the other nominators and their chosen companions.

Then he checks 6k1's latest email and sends her a response.

Snail pie, you say? Well... I'm sure that snail pie from the Underground actually tastes a helluva lot better than it sounds.

TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 25th 2019 at 10:31:30 AM

Power's House

The unicorn makes a big grin at the prospect of meeting her idol again. While she remembers the time when she gorged on quesadillas right next to the alicorn during the pre-party meeting, much to the unicorn's embarrassment, she instead tells Ichi that she managed to sneak a bite without Twilight looking during the party itself.

However, she's also concerned about the Ramons, given how much they went through in the last Battle Royale. Hopefully no one in the party brings that up...

On the upside, if Dupe is coming along, then he'd be an entertaining guest with his cloning tricks! And of course, Baymax will be there to ensure everyone's health and safety.

As 6k1 said to Ichi, the list isn't final, so Power shouldn't be surprised if someone doesn't show up or a different tribute does.

"I don't know if we'll be traveling to the party on foot or going straight there via portal/teleporter, but whatever happens, we'll be together!"

The Database Library, Basement

Well, I never tried it myself. Also, from what I've read about the place, the rest of the food down there gets weirder the farther you go...

6k1 then records herself eating the piece of Monster Candy. Her mouth purses. She attaches the video to the email with the description: It has a distinct non-licorice taste. I also bought a Spider Donut, but I gave it to Harley for one of her Gotham friends to try.

"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 25th 2019 at 11:05:05 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

"Any reason you were so afraid that Twilight would catch you... eating quesadillas, of all things? You ask me, Power, there ain't no shame in just being yourself and enjoying your favorite dish, regardless of what anyone, even someone you look up to, might think," Ichigo says. "As for how we'll get there, well... I'm lowkey hoping for the former option, if only because I've missed out on all these adventures y'all have been on."

He reads through 6k1's email and watches the recording of her eating a piece of Monster Candy.

That sounds about right. Hell, now I kinda wish that I'd come along with ya on your vacay to the Underground.

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