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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 21st 2019 at 11:39:28 AM

Toriel's Home

Once Harley had woken up, checked her weapons and gadgets, and overall gotten ready, she joined the others for the next day of 6k1's vacation in the Underground, humming a little song as she goes.

Upon meeting Frisk, she cocks an eyebrow at the sight of their stoic expression, but nonetheless greets them with a friendly wave.

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

As waits to see what shenanigans Draco would get up to next in the current season, Ichigo checks his email and receives 6k1's selfie with Frisk.

"Looks like she's having a lotta fun so far. Here's hoping she doesn't bump into any trouble there."

Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Aug 21st 2019 at 1:00:06 PM


Flowey grumbled when he saw Bill Cipher talking about ruining the show. He remembered doing that in another timeline but was quickly bored by it. In fact, ever since Giratina came to him, he had more fun than before with all these multiverses. Flowey quickly saw that even with the human souls, Bill seemed to be dangerous. Reluctanly, he left searching for Sans, being the only person who had the power to defeat him, even if he hated him. After all, Bill did prank the skeleton, so both shared a grudge against him.

Snow's room

Testing his sneaking abilities without his powers, Scipion succesfully infiltrated Snow's room without being seen. He took some papers on the president's desk and started writing a message for him before escaping.

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 21st 2019 at 2:33:15 PM

The Cetus One

After Timewrecker's meeting is wrapped up he heads back to his ship. Once there one of his scientists calls him. He answers the holographic message.

   Now what is it?   

   Sir, G-13 is on the move again!   

   Where is that universe-destroying glitch heading this time?!   

   It's a Code Green, sir!   

   So our allies are potentially in danger?! What are the potential multiverses it's heading to?   

   Let's see...the Pokemon universes, Final Fantasy universes, DC universes, Undertale universes, and Zelda universes!   

   We'll alert them once we figure out which specific timeline it's going to. Best not to cause unnecessary panic. We're just lucky that thing didn't affect much deities yet. But in the event it's going to a universe that has them, catch it on video and focus on those deities, we need more evidence to support the threat of this thing as it isn't known to the multiverse at large yet.   

The message ends. Timewrecker then moves on to a large theater room showing what's going on for the attack on Valecor's forces. He calls forward the leaders of his best troops and they soon all appear before him.

   Take a seat all of you and watch what our new allies are doing. Let's see if they're truly capable enough to be our allies as they fight the opposing forces. You know where the refreshments are, let's enjoy the show before calling in the big guns!   

The Capitol

Snow comes across the message Scipion wrote and begins reading it.

The Underground - Snowdin

Bill comes across the skelebros.

   Well well well, if it isn't Discount Ness and his pal, Discount Goofy! I heard that a certain yellow flower is up and about causing trouble so how about we join forces to take him down? I am stronger than anyone in this world according to the research I've done on this place. Also, should probably admit I'm the one that pranked your house, sorry about that but I couldn't resist.   

Underground - New Home

Mew Mew arrives at the city and finds Asgore's Home. She knocks on the door.

Your Majesty, are you home?

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Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Aug 21st 2019 at 4:01:05 PM


   "HOW DARE YOU COPYING ME, YOU FLYING NACHOS?!"    yelled Flowey before turning to Sans, ignoring completely Papyrus.

   " He's the one who wanted to cause trouble, you just have to see how he pranked you. That guy is the one wanting to attack the nominator here. He even want to conquer this universe! As much as I hate it, I need your help to defeat him. So don't you dare doing one of your stupid puns and team up with me just this once!"   



   I actually managed to find a way to start my cooking show without anyone noticing that I'm back. You'll see what I'm talking about. Just tell me when you can place it on the TV schedule.   

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 21st 2019 at 5:12:09 PM


Bill laughs.

   Are you really gonna believe what that yellow flower says, based on what he's done in the past? After all, for all you know he's probably just wants to be rid of a rival so he'll be the one to conquer and kill everything!   

Valecor's Lair

A legion of Snow's soldiers Snow sent to Valecor's lair for Valecor's own purposes finally find the lair. They quickly learn of the attack on the lair and radio Snow about it.

The Capitol

Snow writes back after hearing the news from his soldiers, sending a bunch more soldiers to Valecor's lair.

   Dear Scipion, you can start right now...   

He's interrupted by a knock at his door.

   What is it?   

A voice comes from the other side of the door.

Sir, you have a letter from a new sponsor.

Snow opens the door and takes the letter, thanking his follower before sending him away. He sits down and opens the letter, reading it. He continues his response to Scipion.

   ...and I just received a letter from a new sponsor. They're an up and coming video game company and wish to make a Hunger Games fighting game whose roster consists of the nominators and other notable characters. Figured I'd let you be the first nominator to know that as I know you love fighting. Enclosed is their address if you wish to speak to them.   

He writes down the address on the letter to Scipion and has the letter mailed to Scipion's Cooking School.

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ITT: World of Supers
VengefulBale Spooktober Day 20: G1! Tirek from Midnight Castle Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 20: G1! Tirek
Aug 21st 2019 at 6:52:07 PM

The Lair

Lilithmon looked as Ganondorf whisked Diavolo away.

Lilithmon:    Thanks for getting rid of that pestilence, I've got to see how Lord Lucemon's doing.   

Grogar:    So... They have began attacking... Where is my Legion? They've taken too long by now.   

Meanwhile the other members of the Legion in the Base hid in their own rooms, allowing Ganondorf to take care of the intruders.

The Snow Beast and the Forgotten Detail

Tirek, Sombra, Cozy and Chrysalisall saw the beast rise from beneath the ground, it looked like a cross between a turtle, alligator and an armadillo, with a shovel-like chin. The creature stood on two legs and let out a loud roar, which knocked the four backwards.

Tirek: What is that thing?

Cozy Glow: I have no idea.

Sombra:    Never seen anything like it in my whole life...   

Chrysalis: Whatever it is, we need to take it down, or at least get it somewhere else. Let me try something.

Chrysalis shape-shifted into another member of the creature's species, hoping to lure it and drain it of it's love... But instead of that, she was grabbed by the neck and tossed aside by the furious creature.

Sombra:    Well, that was a failure, I guess I'll take care of this.   

Sombra then summoned a large amount of spikes and attempted to impale the creature on them, only for it to shrug them off and blow an icy wind from it's mouth in response, freezing him. It was then that the beast left the area, as it lost interest due to Tirek and Cozy hiding from it.

Tirek: Well, at least that's taken care of.

Cozy: Let's unfreeze Sombra and go forward.

Suddenly a realization hit Tirek.

Tirek: Wait, wasn't Queen Chrysalis supposed to be in the Voidlands.

Cozy Glow: Yeah... But who is with us, then?

Chrysalis: I can answer that for you...

They both turned to "Chrysalis" who was bruised and beaten, and promptly revealed her true form, much to their shock.

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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 21st 2019 at 7:38:50 PM

Underground Bunker

In his personal quarters, Ichigo examines the outfit he planned on wearing to the upcoming Nominators' Party: a black suit with a formal longcoat to go with it.

"Let's see, not a stitch out of place... okay, this bad boy looks party-ready to me. Hope the others won't mind if Kabal shows up dressed like he usually does."

He checks what's going down in the Arena via a tablet, laughing when Draco gets upset about his fish n' chips containing potato chips.

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Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Aug 21st 2019 at 10:00:09 PM

Timewrecker's Base, Interrogation

The crews, including Xang'wak, immediately respond to the questions that their interrogators give, with the general response being that they are recruited from independent criminals of a planet or independent pirates who are interested to join the Gloryhounds. Xang'wak himself said that he grew up poor in his home planet, and worked through the criminal underworld loyally, finding a pirate group and becoming it's leader after few years. He would eventually turn the group into what it is today, The Gloryhounds.

The interrogators will note a noticeable lack in this coming from those who betrayed their previous criminal group or traitors, except very few. Xang'wak and the crews explain that it is because of the former's belief in loyalty and glory. He tends to kill them as he is simply highly disgusted at them. Though being pragmatic, he still pick particularly skilled ones if they beg and are honest about it. Though he still regards them as lowly, and he is ready to dispose them at any time once they have outlived their usefulness to his group. There's also not much of them compared to other crew members, and Xang'wak is aware that he will have to get rid of them that their usefulness is not outlived anyway in the interrogation.

As for their relationship, the crews said that it is actually pretty good. The crews feel like they are brothers or sisters to each other, fighting and gathering together to gain wealth and glory. They basically have high camaraderie. They also see their captain highly as both a leader and role model. And finally for their personal goals, they just say that they want to gain wealth and glory back since they were criminals working for themselves, and they want more now once they get to the Gloryhounds, though they also regard their comrades and leader highly.

Tabby's Base, The Meeting

The hologram of Billy's clone responds to Tabby, saying, "Hello Tabby. I want to meet you to inform you of something important that I will do. You see, I and some of my allies are going to make a trip to a dimension called the Voidlands. I will show you my preparations." Billy's clone's hologram soon uses a special device that the clone itself has been carrying to sjow a realistic projection of all that Billy has prepared. It shows a lot of ships and mercenaries, as well as Billy's tributes and objects that will be used. After showing it, the hologram said, "So, do you want to help me with the trip? You can join me and my allies to it, or just provide something to help me with if you want."

VengefulBale Spooktober Day 20: G1! Tirek from Midnight Castle Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 20: G1! Tirek
Aug 21st 2019 at 11:00:42 PM

A Conversation with Billy

Bale got Billy's holographic message in his computer, he was a bit excited about it.

Bale: Hey, Billy! How's it going pal? I've seen a lot of crazy, wacky stuff happen recently, so what is it that you need to talk with me about? I am all ears for it.

Bale then awaited Billy's response, hoping for a good time in their conversation.

Lucemon and Brajira's Excellent Adventures

Things were... less than usual for our fallen angels, let's take a look at some of their misfortune since we last saw em'.

Night 2

Brajira readied his gun, he had been told it could kill any tribute in one-shot, and he aimed it at Clive, laughing maniacally. However, the moment he fired the gun, it did nothing, as it transformed into a literal Red Herring, but not being a human he did not understood what happened.

Brajia:    What in the... I've been scammed!   

Meanwhile Lucemon was having doubts about his small group, which Deuce reminded him about, he temporarily broke down crying.

Lucemon:    I hate to admit it, but he's right, my group in here is useless!   

But then his grief turned to rage.

Lucemon:    Oh, you own't get away with exposing that, you insignificant worm!   

He then followed Clive to fight him

Day 3

In order to relieve his fury over the last night's incident, Brajira attempted to scare Theo, believing the young boy to be innocent enough for his "Have a skeleton inside of you" gag, but Theo already knew.

Brajira:    Humans are craftier and smarter than expected...   

Meanwhile Lucemon and Clive were on the edge of a Mutual Kill, injured and bruised, until Frank Horrigan came to their rescue. Lucemon felt more anger than gratitude, over being forced into being helped.

Night 3

Brajira could sense Mori's power, it definitely made him a formidable opponent, much more than the Goblins and Demon Beasts he fought in his past.

Brajira:    "Tis' far stronger than a normal goblin"... Oh, what fun i'll have!   

Lucemon, meanwhile, refused to Mercy Kill Driblee, as he preferred to watch the water lizard suffer.

Day 4

Brajira decided to join chaos at a McDonald's location along with other tributes, pretending to care about Schezuan Sauce.

Brajira:    Pfft, predictable humans, always fighting over trivial matters.   

Lucemon on the other hand, began concocting a scheme, he had to be precise and smart with it, but it was something natural for him to be organized and manipulative.

Lucemon:    Heh, soon, I will win this Games, and eliminate all who stand against me.   

He then laughed to himself.

Night 4

Lucemon was disappointed by Satan's defeat, but decided to drive Veronica out of Hell to take it over, he could feel it's dark energy being a tempting offer to take, but his attempts were thwarted by Veronica herself, after a fight with water buckets. Meanwhile Brajira began singing his Villain Song about how he'll become the Earth's supreme ruler confusing several other tributes.

Brajira:    And that is why, all the Earth soon will be mine!   

The song was catchy but the choreography was terrible, just terrible.

Day 5

In an effort to push his plans forward, Lucemon pretended to ask a Snowclone's hand in marriage, only to wind up rejected, he frowned and blasted the Snowclone apart.

Lucemon:    That was a useless waste of time!   

Meanwhile Brajira remembered how the Goseiger were able to achieve victory over and over towards him and other threats, and decided to tell Satan that friendship was not to be underestimated.

Brajira:    Believe me, it can be easy to scoff at, but it's not weak nor to be taken lightly.   

Satan:    I see, I'll consider your advice.   

Night 5

Brajira was just going to sleep when suddenly a polo ball hit him, he was more annoyed than hurt and promptly growled in the direction it came from. Meanwhile Lucemon bought some donuts, and began eating them, hoping to see why anyone would even eat them.

Lucemon:    Humans and their weird food, this is crusty and gross!   

Day 6

Lucemon grabbed some moisture from rocks around him with his mind powers and put it inside bottles, he began selling them, claiming it to be 100% pure water.

Lucemon:    I found a way to exploit my plan, soon the pieces will come together.   

Meanwhile Brajira slaughtered packs of animals and consumed their life force to strengthen himself, laughing sadistically as he did it.

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 22nd 2019 at 12:25:42 AM

The Cetus One

The Gloryhounds are deemed ok and they are lead onto the Cetus One, which had finished refueling. Timewrecker soon learns of this and personally meets them.

   Seems like you passed, so welcome to the team. There's a battle going on right now, which is on our screens. Since some of the ones involved include some high-level villains with formidable powers, probably best not to have that be your first mission. You can watch it though for your own enjoyment if you wish, will send some of my own forces when it's the right time to strike. I am after all a patient leader, why rush success?   

   Anyways for a first assignment, I suggest finding any information on stuff that could mean trouble for us. I don't just mean the forces of good, I mean stuff like eldritch beings, rival villains, or natural threats. I don't even care if it's a deity of some sort, if it can be defeated there's no need to fear it.   

The Voidlands

Valecor checks the clock built into the device GASK gave them. It's only been 45 minutes on the Voidlands side since they entered.

He sits down at a table he made with Kavaxas and Chrysalis that's constructed out of the candy and sweets around them.

   Wonder how's everybody doing outside the Voidlands... probably nothing I should be worried about. So, since we have nothing but free time as we wait, might as well swap stories and evil plans. I'll let you two go first.   

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Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 22nd 2019 at 2:06:16 AM

Kirby, Bebe, and King Dedede are near a beach. Kirby and Dedede are showing some pictures on Dedede's phone to Bebe.

Dedede: "Hey, little Bebe! Check out this photo that came up on the net!"

Dedede then showed the two this photo. Kirby and Bebe then laugh. Kirby then showed Dedede another photo on his phone. They all laugh.

The Lor Starcutter suddenly rises from beneath the sea. Magolor pops up.

Magolor: "Hi! I was just testing whether or not this thing works underwater."

Kirby: "Poyo?"

Bebe: "Cheese!"

"You want to join? Of course!"

Kirby and Bebe then joins Magolor underwater. Underwater, Kirby and Bebe saw various fish and other amazing creatures. Magolor then gets a call from Susie.

"Hi Magolor, i'm continuing my research on monsters. I found some amazing specimens!"

The drone then witnesses the skeletons from earlier. They are talking to a pyramid-shaped thing and a golden flower. "Interesting." Suddenly, the shorter skeleton and the flower briefly notices the drone. The drone then flies away quickly.

"Anyway, what are you up to?"

"i'm testing whether this Starcutter works underwater. And it does!"

Kirby then briefly sees what appear to be an underwater yellow schoolbus, swimming around near the reef. He, thinking it was a bizarre fish, takes a picture of it. The bus's occupants briefly notices Kirby and the ship. Kirby then points this out to Magolor. Magolor then rushes in, only to find that the bus has left. Instead, Kirby and Magolor found two clownfishes on an anemone.

"Oh, those are clownfish! They live on anemones that provides them with protection."

"I believe it's called symbiosis."

Kirby then shows Magolor the picture of the underwater bus and it's occupants. Magolor then says "I think i've seen a bus like that before. Ah well."

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TroperNo9001 Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin! from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Brony
Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin!
Aug 22nd 2019 at 2:27:13 AM

D. A.'s dialogue will be temporarily italicized due to 6k1.

Underground Bunker

In the selfie, other than her fair skin and black bob-cut hair tucked in her beanie, 6k1 is nearly a spitting image of Frisk if she were to remove her glasses.

A surprise appearance from them, but a pleasant one nonetheless! In hindsight, I probably should've worn my blue-and-pink striped shirt.

Power's Art School, Night 5

Pointy Stroke was busy making the lesson plan in the teacher's lounge when she hears the doorbell.

"Ooh, I hope it's my first student!" she says as she opens the door.

The blonde pigtailed girl reads her book. "According to my research, this must be Power Stroke's School of Arts and Crafts!"

"Yes! But since the real Power isn't here, I'm running this school for her." She holds out her hoof, introduces herself, and welcomes her in.

"Pointy, really?" D. A. rolls her eyes as she looks around the classroom. "With a name like that and your mane and coat, you remind me so much of Carlos."

The unicorn drawing just giggles.

"Speaking of him," D. A. continues with a smile, "I saw him with the rest of his classmates on the Bus, and they were all cheering for me!"

"Aww, how nice of them to go as far as fly above the Arena just for that!"

Pointy motions D. A. to one of the tables, and begins teaching her the basics in drawing.

"Um... no, I didn't come here for the lessons."


"I was informed by Scientist Claire that 6k1's on vacation in the Underground, where the Friz plans to take us to for a special field trip... which was Carlos's idea." D. A. opens her book to the page about Flowey attacking Frisk on their first meeting. "Are you sure it's safe?"

"Of course it is! Other than that evil talking flower, the monsters there are friendly!"'

"I hope she's safe there! Speaking of her, tell her I'm getting along well with my bandmates Yami Yugi and Clive (though Sonny will be missed), and that I want to join her in the next party, whenever that is!"

"Will do."

Pointy waves goodbye to D. A. as she leaves, then goes back to the lounge to contact 6k1 with her crystal ball.

The Magic School Bus

As the Bus zooms underwater in its fish form to escape the Lor, Carlos speaks up.

"Ms. Frizzle? Where are you taking us?"

"Home, of course!"

"Our homes, or Toriel's Home?"

"The latter, of course! You asked for it!"

The curly redheaded teacher was about to press the accelerator when Carlos says, "no, stop! D. A. isn't here! Would be rude to leave her behind!"

"Well then, we'll just pick her up after the season ends!"

"Can we just go home now?" asks Arnold. "The last thing I wanna do there's be mistaken for another kid in a striped shirt and bump into that scary flower!"

The other kids agree with Arnold except for Phoebe. "But I wanna hug that adorable goat lady!"

"Well... okay then! I'll take you all back to your homes. I can just reschedule this field trip to whenever you feel like it."

The class then notices the pink puffball as the Bus zooms out of sight.

Toriel's Home

So this is the Frisk you were talking about last night? asks Baymax. He greets them back and closes his eyes, forming a straight line across his face. I look like you now!

After breakfast, the gang is ready to depart. However, 6k1 asks them to wait by the stairs because she needs to ask Toriel something in the living room.

"What is it, 6k1? Does this have something to do with my performance in the Hunger Games?"


"I understand that you want to see me 'make the podium' so badly, but don't you see? I don't like it there. It hurt me so much to watch Panther Cap being killed onstage in Season 30, and that's not to mention my Bloodbath death in Season 16..."

6k1 looks at Frisk, who's sitting on Toriel's lap. Their face may not show it, but it seems that it also hurt them to see their mom die in the Games.

A single tear forms in the Database Manager's eyes. "Mom... I promise that I will retire you when you reach the podium. I'll let you know when it's time for your next season via letter." She looks at Frisk. "I hope that's okay with you."

Toriel smiles as she and Frisk get up from the armchair. 6k1 puts the snail bracelet on her mom's right hand as a thank-you gift for accommodating her and the group, and lets Frisk join in for a group hug.

"Good luck out there, my child. Stay safe and have fun."

6k1 then goes back out to SAVE, and joins Harley and Baymax to wave goodbye to their host as they go down the basement. On the way to the back door, she answers Power's, er... Pointy's "call" and is relieved that D. A.'s doing well, and of course, she'll invite her to GC's next party.

Asgore's Home

Asgore was sipping his golden flower tea in the living room when he hears a knock on the door. He opens it.

"Howdy! Is there anything you want, Miss Mew Mew?"

Snowdin Town

After hours of cleaning their house, Sans and Papyrus go out to prepare their comedy act. They find Bill and Flowey on their front door, and immediately summon their Gaster Blasters after they give them their offers.


Sans and Flowey then notice the drone before the former speaks to the yellow villains. "people like you two... should be burning in hell."

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"...or maybe not. Jimin's coming for 6k1, and Ich and I have bounties on our heads..."
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 22nd 2019 at 3:20:48 AM

Snowdin Town

Bill quickly turns to Flowey.

   Well things are not looking good so wanna call a truce and temporarily team up? Also quick question but what kind of offer did the other side give you?   

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TabbyGirl4 Lil' Paint Witch from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Lil' Paint Witch
Aug 22nd 2019 at 4:36:13 AM

The Meeting with Billy

   "I haven't been to the Voidlands for a long while but I would be honored to join you."   ]

She then manipulates a ball of light in her hands, acting as a light source for the trip.

In Charge

Pecan is used to Tabby taking an absence before but she always feels like a nanny watching 7 disobedient children, at least she had Dr. Quack to help her with difficult tasks.

"Oh god, what am I going to do while she's gone? Maybe check the supplies? I dunno!"

She then accidentally knocks over a glass container, the sound of it breaking startled her. Pecan went to clean up the mess, degrading herself for doing such a stupid thing.

"I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all!" -Yondu,2017
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Aug 22nd 2019 at 4:43:19 AM


   "Ugh, stupid skeletons... Fine Nachos guy, we'll settle this latter. Let's kill these idiots first."    sighed Flowey as he transformed into Omega Flowey thanks to the human souls he stole.    "To answer your question, they just took me into other worlds. All I want is show all you idiots that in this world, it's kill or to be killed. I started to be a killer because I grew bored of that world."   

Ganondorf's room

Ultimecia and Diavolo proved themselves to be a deadly duo. As Ganondorf ran towards him, Diavolo used his Stand, King Crimson to predict and dodge the King of Evil's actions by erasing time. Ultimecia, thanks to her mastery of time, was unaffected and unlike Diavolo and his stand unable to attack Ganondorf during that time, was able to summon several swords at Ganondorf before time resumed. In Ganondorf's mind, he was running towards the duo before finding himself stabbed by several Swords with them at the other side of the room.

   "No matter how powerful you are, you cannot win against us!"    claimed the witch as she prepared to deal a final blow to Ganondorf, who was about to transform into his beast form.

Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Ganondorf before flying away. When the 2 villains opened their eyes, their opponent was gone.    "What was that?"       "I have no ideas. Whatever, let us finish the others."    Ultimecia and Diavolo exited Ganondorf's room and went to their next target: Grogar.

Cooking School

Scipion was indeed interested in that fighting game. He would speak to the video game company with the others after the trip. Smiling devilishly, he went to the prison before taking out the man with the T-shirt "Scipion is dead, I'm the new Scipion!"

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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 22nd 2019 at 6:23:46 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

"Man, I never noticed how much 6k1 looked like Frisk until now..."

Ichigo's gaze flickers back to the monitor in time to notice Draco's untimely demise, prompting him to shake his head. Still, at least he got further than he did last time.

As he contemplates his tributes for the next season, he takes out his phone and sends a text to Kabal.

Will be attending a party sometime soon, so I'll need you to accompany me as my bodyguard, in case things get crazy. I'll let you know when to meet me for it.'

After a moment, the Black Dragon mercenary replies with a simple thumbs-up emoji.

Toriel's Home

Having decided to take a peak upstairs while she and Baymax waited for 6k1, Harley can't help but crack a smile at the little family moment.

"Aww, goat mama really is the best mama!"

She waves farewell to Toriel before following the group into the basement.

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 22nd 2019 at 6:51:23 AM

Snowdin Town

battle music

Bill sets the skelebros' house on fire just to give them more to think about before turning back to Flowey, not letting the bros out of his sight as he watches for their attacks.

   Oh I understand completely, killing others is admittedly fun. However, to me it's simply ends the fun, as then you can't prolong that person's pain and torture for my own enjoyment as their world turns to chaos in front of their very eyes. Since he's not with our group at the moment I'll speak on Valecor's behalf and say that not only would we give you the same deal the other side did, but we'll do them one better by finding a way to give you your very own soul. No, not the soul you originally had, but one that's tailored to your evil tenancies. This way, they'd be little chance of you ever turning back into a goat kid. How's that sound?   

Asgore's Home

Well Your Majesty I'm planning on performing a show so since a bunch of people will likely be there I'm wondering if you can send some of your guards to help with security. Plus wondering if you'd like to come see the show yourself.

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Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 22nd 2019 at 7:56:56 AM

Susie watches as the pyramid sets the house on fire and as the flower turns into a more monstrous form.

Susie: "Oh dear."

The drone then left. Susie then informs Magolor about this, and then escapes the mountain.


They then storm back into Kirby's. Magolor then makes a message towards 6k1.

"6k1, are you there!? I've just been informed by Susie that this event has occurred." *Puts footage of Flowey's transformation and Bill setting the house on fire* "Whatever their intentions, i need you to stay safe, and if necessary, evacuate the mountain!"

Magolor then sends his message. Susie then arrives to the scene and asks Magolor "Is she gonna be okay?"


Elsewhere, Marx has finished healing. His elites, who treated him, then informs Marx about the army. Marx then thinks of another plan.

"But first, i need sleep. It's night-time."

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Best Nintendo character.
TroperNo9001 Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin! from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Brony
Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin!
Aug 22nd 2019 at 10:07:51 AM

Snowdin Town

Papyrus turns back to their now-burning home. "SANS... I THINK WE SHOULD RUN!"

Sans desummons his Gaster Blaster. "you're right bro..."

They both run to the entrance to Waterfall.


"over here, i know a shortcut..."

Asgore's Home

"Yes, I will... after Undyne's done training them. Speaking of... I wonder how she's doing...?"

Undyne's House

The fish soldier sulks as she uses her spear to shovel the dirt out of her house. Can't believe I'm gonna be late for my own damn training session...

Suddenly, Sans and Papyrus show up.


"and flowey's gonna kill us right on the spot!"

"WHAT?! I'll show those inconsiderate a-holes who means business and send some Woshuas to deal with your house situation... If you help me clean up mine first!"

Ruins Exit

Upon exiting the Ruins, 6k1 notices Harley shivering. Baymax turns on his heating system and hugs her.

"Here's an extra jacket for you," she says to Harley. She also gives her mittens and a beanie.

Baymax then releases his hug. I will decrease my temperature by 50% to conserve my battery.

The gang then begins their trek through the woods, keeping watch for enemies, as always. They pass through the gate that Papyrus made and come across the sentry post and the Frisk-shaped lamp.

6k1 tries hiding behind the lamp. "Can you see me from here?"

Your arms are sticking out of it, says Baymax.

She gets up and laughs. The DM leads the group to the crossroads, where there's a SAVE Point and a box. She opens the box and finds a worn pink leather glove, then keeps it and thinks to herself, going to Sans and Papyrus's with my friends... it fills me with determination, as she SAVES at the Box Road.

She suddenly receives the concerning message from Magolor.

Don't worry, I have backup, and I also have the necessary tools to take down Flowey. However, I'm not sure if I accounted for someone as powerful as Bill, so I'll leave if I have to.

After replying to him, she shows Harley and Baymax the footage.

I recommend that we go home already. After all, you are satisfied that you visited your mother.

"Don't worry! I have the two of you, and I know what to do in case Flowey attacks us! Not sure about Bill, though..."

She forwards Magolor's message to Ichi along with the footage, asking him on what she should do.

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"...or maybe not. Jimin's coming for 6k1, and Ich and I have bounties on our heads..."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 22nd 2019 at 11:10:16 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

Having decided on the next set of tributes he'd send into the Arena, Ichigo waits for the season's conclusion when he receives a notification. Clicking on it, he reads the message that 6k1 had forwarded to him before the observing the footage of Bill and Flowey.

"I had a feeling Flowey might pop up, but Bill Cipher? That guy's a different beast altogether..."

After a moment or two, he sends a response to 6k1.

Well, I wasn't expecting someone like Bill to be running amok in the Underground, so if he comes for you and the others, I'd advise getting the hell outta there. Better to cut your vacation short than to have it ruined by that one-eyed demon, I say.

Ruins Exit

Relieved that 6k1 had brought along an additional coat and winter gear for her in this icy climate, Harley treks through the woods with the group, smacking a few icicles with her bat along the way. Cue the footage.

"Ooh... where's Doc Fate or Zatanna when you need 'em?"

Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Aug 22nd 2019 at 12:48:37 PM

   "A soul? Really? Hmmm. Althought you have great arguments, I will never work with so much losers within your team. Then again, my "previous boss" told me to not attack you, at least until the trip to the Voidlands. After all I'm not one of the other guys just want to conquer the universe and all that stuff."   

Flowey was actually surprised that the skeletons decided to ran away.    "Ugh, they'll come back, I know them. Once we're done here, I'll just go back to my first "boss" then. I'm not joining your team, but at least, I'll try to intervene in your favor since my first boss also have a grudge against Valecor, he just way more careful and he gave his word to that Xiamos guy."   

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 22nd 2019 at 1:11:57 PM


Bill nods.

   Understood. How about we set a trap for them as we wait?   

The Cetus One

Timewrecker was noticeably upset after seeing the footage from the Underground, though his emotions were still under control enough that he didn't lose his cool right then and there.

   What!? I was expecting them to destroy each other, not have something of a kinship! Well I'm considering that strike one for Maleficent's group. Let's see if they do better in the other two places...   

ITT: World of Supers
TroperNo9001 Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin! from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Brony
Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin!
Aug 22nd 2019 at 1:13:17 PM

Snowdin Forest - Box Road

6k1 replies: You're right. Even with my temporary SAVE powers, Bill might just find ways to mess up my vacation over and over again. At least I was able to fulfill my main purpose of travel before I learned all about this.

She turns to her group. "Well... as much as I want to see the rest of this place, our safety comes first."

I agree with you, 6k1.

She gives Baymax his suit and charging case and calls Toriel about this recent turn of events. After which, she calls Perri to summon the portals for them to go home, and thanks her buddies for tagging along with her as she steps in.

Baymax looks at her as he steps into his portal back to San Fransokyo. Traveling with you makes me a better healthcare companion.

The Database Library

6k1 steps out of the portal and heads straight to the basement. Dupe and Ally smile at her as she flops on her bed in her sleeping quarter, exhausted to catch the rest of the season, but satisfied with her vacation.

Toriel's Home

After finishing the call with 6k1, Toriel locks the doors of her house.

"Frisk my child, I know you might be tempted to try to pacify Flowey again and befriend this 'Bill Cipher', but please stay in your room. It's for your own good."

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"...or maybe not. Jimin's coming for 6k1, and Ich and I have bounties on our heads..."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 22nd 2019 at 2:14:47 PM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

Ichigo breathes a sigh of relief, glad that 6k1 and her group had managed to avoid becoming Bill's latest victim. After arranging for a gift basket to be mailed to Harley's place as thanks for a job well done, he rubs his crystal ball.

"So... there's a couple things I've gotta tell ya, Power: first off, in case you haven't heard already, the next Nominator's Party is actually coming soon; guess I had that dress made for you right on time," he begins, putting his feet up on his desk. "Second, 6k1 just returned from her vacation in the Underground. If you're wondering why she might've come back earlier than expected, Bill Cipher was seen running around there and causing trouble; don't worry, she never actually encountered him, so she's alright."

Snowdin Forest

"Lemme know if you wanna do this again sometime, sweetie!" Harley says, waving goodbye before heading through her portal back to Gotham.

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mettaton48 Ultimate Fangirl from The Multiverse Relationship Status: The Skitty to my Wailord
Ultimate Fangirl
Aug 22nd 2019 at 9:57:21 PM

After a while of inactivity, Mett sends a message to Billy.

"Dear Billy. Sorry for not responding,I've begun working on a project of mine. I'd be glad to meet with you, just give me a time and place. Best wishes,Mett~"

Afterwards,Mett makes a portal directly to Alphys' lab. Mettaton walks out,back in his square form.

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