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YMMV / Yandere High School

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  • Railroading: Depending on your definition of roleplay. In a Q&A, Sam claimed that he plans out each video, with only minor leeway for Improv.
  • Sequelitis: The prequel series to Yandere High School has a few plotholes with the characters and chain of events that occur. For example, it was established in the Pilot Episode of YHS that Gareth was married, but his wife was never shown, primarily because she had been killed.
  • Song Association: YHS originally featured music from Yandere Simulator since it was the inspiration for the role-play series. Later in the series and in Tokyo Soul, different music is used.
  • Tangled Family Tree: Taurtis.
  • The Woobie: Professor Gareth. While he can be a jerk to Sam and Taurtis, some of the things that happen to him are kinda sad. His wife leaves him, his house is broken into (even though he knows who did it), and his ex-wife is missing. On the third day, he looks so worn out and is wandering the streets before going to class. When Sam and Taurtis go into his classroom, they see a rope on the chalkboard. Taurtis at least takes the rope and tries to cheer him up with Doritos.... only to be told that Gareth's ex-wife loved Doritos.
    • Pepe Frogman goes into this territory. He lives in a dumpster and is being harassed by PufferFishPete. He at least finds someone who likes him.

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