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YMMV / Wiegenlied Of Green

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  • Cargo Ship: Odd but more justified variant between Clarith and the tree reincarnation of Michaela. The term "Tree Lesbians" is popular to describe the couple.
  • It Was His Sled: It is a fact well known to most fans of Evillious at this point that Ney killed Michaela, not Allen, even to those who haven't actually read the novel. The fact that this is a twist (Cloture and all of the songs previous to this novel's release are very careful to imply it's Allen without outright saying so) is lost on a lot of people. Also well-known is the additional twist that Ney is an insane double-agent hell-bent on serving Prim Marlon and causing havoc, and not an innocent maid.
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  • Signature Scene: For many, the scene where Clarith almost kills Riliane is most remembered because of being popularized by "The Daughter of White."
  • The Woobie: Clarith, bullied for much of her childhood for being of Netsuma heritage. Losing her true love over the course of the novel doesn't help.

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