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Heartwarming / Wiegenlied Of Green

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  • Michaela hugging Clarith for the first time after protecting her from Chelsea's bullying. According to Clarith it's the first time she's ever been hugged by anyone outside of her mother.
  • Gumillia supporting Michaela's decision to stay as a human by insisting on remaining as one herself. When Elluka expresses outraged confusion at this, she says that she too has someone important to her that she wants to protect; said person is implied to be Elluka.
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  • After Ayn's death, Michaela makes sure to give him a proper burial.
  • Keel's talk with Clarith at the end of the story, where she reflects on what Michaela means to her. He encourages Clarith to find happiness because it's what Michaela would have wanted and suggests she stay at the convent near the sea to give herself time to heal.
    Keel: "Just remember this, Clarith. Even if we’re apart, you’re a member of our family."
    Clarith: ...Thank you.
  • Speaking of Michaela and Clarith, their reunion and final declaration of love in the end.
    Both together: "I love you!"
  • The way that Rin and Clarith become friends over time; even though all the other nuns gave up on Riliane because of her spoiled and bratty personality, Clarith kept trying to breach her haughty exterior because she knew what it was like to be without friends. It becomes even more heartwarming when this is what ultimately keeps her from taking her revenge.
    • There's also how the two later went into the Millennium Tree Forest and planted Michaela while (unknowingly) under Held's watchful eye.

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