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Tear Jerker / Wiegenlied Of Green

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  • Clarith’s loneliness and desire to have a friend, which is on full display here. It's also more expanded on with what kind of harassment she suffers from the other townsfolk. Even the chief is cruel to her, and it's heavily implied he physically abuses her hideously whenever she works at his house.
  • Right after Clarith admits to Michaela late one night that having her as a friend has helped her feel not so alone in the world, she comes home to find her mother dead of the Gula disease.
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  • Michaela waking up in the well, going outside, and finding Ayn, who brought her to safety, dead on the ground.
  • Allen's Anguished Declaration of Love, as Micheala dies in his arms. Made worse as, even when dying, she's mentally calling him stupid for it.
    • Similiarly, Clarith's reaction to learning the news. She tries to bite her own tongue out in grief.
  • It might lead to some heartwarming later, but there was a moment before Clarith kills Riliane for everything she's done, and Riliane notices her there with the knife. She doesn't struggle, try to escape, or anything. She just stands there, waiting for the revenge that she believes she deserves.

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