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Funny / Wiegenlied Of Green

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  • Elluka attempts to "assassinate" Mariam as part of her plot to "kill everyone who knows her"— using a toy knife.
  • Elluka's rant once Michaela claims she’ll remain human (risking her life). After telling her initially, Michaela doesn't get an immediate response on the other end of their communication onion. She leans in closer to see if she can hear anything—and then is immediately assaulted with:
    Elluka: AAAAAAGGGH ENOUGH! You and them, you’re all morons! You and Riliane and the King of Marlon and Allen and Leonhart and Mariam, YOU’RE ALL COMPLETE, UTTER, DUMBASSES!
  • Most of the accompanying manga "Novelette of White," a short story that features Clarith's jealousy over Kyle and plays out like a classic sitcom.
    • Fearing that Kyle would dump Michaela like trash after having his fun with her, Clarith tries everything in her power to ruin his stay, ranging from putting a banana peel in their path to siccing a dog on him to trying to push him into the water in town. Each of her methods backfire horribly.
    • Clarith is also clearly in denial over why she wants to help Michaela in the first place, insisting that she's doing it because she's "being a good friend" (as in, platonic friend). Sure, Clarith. Sure.
    • Later, upset over her failures, she drinks a bottle of liquor meant for the mansion guests and predictably gets drunk. She actually breaks the fourth wall and starts ranting about the Vocaloid engine to a confused Kyle.
    • At the end of the manga, Riliane is seen pouting because she didn’t feature in this story.