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Heartwarming / Cloture Of Yellow

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  • An added scene in the revised novel, where Riliane goes out into the garden late at night to watch the full moon. Allen joins her, and Riliane talks about how her mother, Queen Anne, loved the moon, and that she thinks of her when looking at it. Allen ends up reflecting a little on his own motivations for being a servant at the palace in the process, realizing that making Riliane smile makes him feel like his life means something. It's a short and sweet little scene that shows that despite all her evil there's still innocence somewhere in Riliane, and further explains why Allen is so devoted to making her happy.
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  • Another scene in the revised novel gives Riliane and Allen a conversation where he threatens to leave the palace if she doesn't put an end to the Green Hunting—and it works, proving he's more to her than just another disposable servant.
  • The famous Twin Switch, where Allen sacrifices himself to save Riliane. Also doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • Allen, currently in the midst of a breakdown at the guillotine over the realization that he's about to die, remembers the time in his childhood when he told Riliane the secret about throwing a message in a bottle into the sea to have your wish granted. He'd been scared of the dark and wanted to go back because it was becoming nighttime. But she'd held out her hand, telling him that she wasn't afraid and he shouldn't be either. When it cuts back to the present, he notes that he's no longer afraid to die, because he had Riliane to comfort him at least in spirit. Then he says her famous phrase.

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