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YMMV / Weapon X (2017)

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  • Badass Decay: With Sabretooth, who's been the punching bag for most of this series. He's always clobbered worse and more than anyone else, in addition to just taking the insults dished out by his teammates. And his taking a level in dumbass where he went from a former CIA, hunting, stealth, and tracking expert to a hick who can't use a keyboard. In addition to going from kicking Wolverine's ass to getting beaten down easily by X-23 in issue 10.
  • Catharsis Factor: In his adult life, William Stryker killed a number of people both mutant and non mutant, including his own wife and newborn baby, a family in the park, his subordinates, a bus full of depowered children, and many more. Seeing Sabretooth destroy his soul in hell, ending him forever as his last good deed is a pretty good gem in the series.
  • Demoted to Satellite Love Interest: Monet could be seen as this. Her main thing here is her relationship to Sabretooth.
  • Same Character, But Different: Monet has been an Alpha Bitch who hides behind an occasional Jerkass facade since the 90's. Here, she's not as sarcastic & snobby as she usually is. She's actually more friendly in general. Her attitude with Creed has also changed where she's much more kind, supportive, and trusting of him, compared to her Tsundere attitude in Uncanny X-Men where they shared a Belligerent Sexual Tension.
  • Ship Tease: Cases between Victor & M that could be seen as teases, but may also fall into Mistaken for Evidence.
    • In issue 22, Monet reveals she lured Weapon X-Force to the cult because she wanted to share the gift with Creed. Of all her friends & ex-lovers, Victor was the first (if not only) one she wanted to share her experience with. This seems to show how important he is to her, especially when she says she was trying to save him by bringing him there.
    • In issue 27 has another. Creed battled Stryker in Hell while his team went to stop Mentallo. They're bested & carried to the blade put for sacrificing, but Victor trusts they'll be fine. He can't leave without killing Stryker & saving Graydon. It's seeing Monet that made him finally go back.