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  • Glurge:
    • The film, ostensibly about a couple turning to faith during a rough patch in their marriage, imparts the message that Satan is responsible for a verbally abusive and adulterous husband's behavior, and all his wife needs to do is pray for him. This is particularly dangerous, as many abuse victims stay with their partners precisely because they believe it's their responsibility to "save" their abusers.
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    • A subplot of the film has the husband, Tony, making thousands of dollars by stealing and selling his company's drugs. After he finds the Lord, he takes the stolen goods back to his boss, all but insuring major prosecution. The boss is so moved, he lets the whole thing slide - imparting the message that being sufficiently Christian will spare one from real world consequences of actions; even a cursory reading of The Bible will not support such a moral.
  • Narm: The entire movie is ten pounds of Narm stuffed into a five-pound bag but one scene really takes the cake: Elizabeth is walking around and raving like a complete maniac at the Devil that he can't have her marriage, husband or daughter, then stomps back into the house...and immediately stomps back out of the house and begins raving again, starting with "And another thing!" This is all played as a completely normal thing to do instead of the unhinged ramblings of a religious fanatic who is going off the deep end.

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