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YMMV / Valiant

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  • Complete Monster: General Von Talon is a hammy, but brutal, German falcon tasked with preventing Allied pigeons from delivering messages during World War II. Introduced by viciously murdering two Allied pigeons and kidnapping the third, Von Talon subjects the latter to truth serum before locking him away and planning to eat him later. Von Talon has made a habit of eating some of the pigeons he catches and leaving their bones scattered around his lair, while others are killed and have their corpses stuffed and displayed by Von Talon as macabre trophies. After capturing Bugsy and the message he has for the Allies, Von Talon plans to kill and eat him as well before trying the same on the heroic Valiant, sending his minions to attack Valiant's friends at the same time.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: Valiant lets out a horrified gasp when he sees the stuffed bodies of Von Talon's past victims.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Despite all the harsh criticism that has been given to this movie, it can at least be said that an animated movie about World War II homing pigeons wasn't a bad idea in theory.

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