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  • When Valiant's mother suggests he should have some breakfast before he goes, and then starts making regurgitation sounds and motions, followed by her spitting up part of a worm for him.
    Valiant: Oh, mum! Ugh! No thanks!
  • When the recruits flirt with Nurse Victoria.
    Bugsy: Hello, nurse.
    Victoria: Hello. I've been waiting for you.
    Bugsy: Do you have a little something for a brave pigeon about to go into battle? Eh, darling?
    Nurse Victoria: It just so happens I do have something for you.
    Bugsy: Ya hear that? Huh?
    Nurse Victoria: (holds up a huge syringe) Is this what you had in mind?
    (Bugsy, Lofty, Toughwood and Tailfeather faint)
    Valiant: Whoa! It's awfully big. You're kinda short for a nursing dove.
    Nurse Victoria: Look who's talking! I'd say you're kinda short for a carrier pigeon.
    Valiant: I'm Valiant, by the way.
    Nurse Victoria: Alright then, Valiant. I'm Victoria. (jabs the syringe into Valiant's butt)
    Valiant: Ow!
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  • Close to the end, an Allied officer briefly looks at the message, then announces that the invasion will take place... at Normandy. Cue a croupier stick being used on The Big Board to quickly and casually brush a whole mass of miniatues representing the Allied armada across the French coast as if rerouting an entire invasion is just that simple.

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