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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Eve has two examples of this. Eve had an episode on her own show also titled Eve called The Talk. Also on Daytime Divas, Eve played Cecile James, a bestselling author of books about alpha women who guest hosts, and who initially wants to become a permanent co-host. Fast forward five months, On November 14, 2017; Eve was announced as a permanent co-host on The Talk.
    • On January 8, 2018; a second make up free episode of The Talk was announced with the permanent hosts agreeing on air to do this (it should be noted that this is Eve's first time going make up free not only on the show but in public as well). Guest co-host Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips joked "I'll be Sara right now. I'm in!" It should noted that Wilson filled in for Sara Gilbert who was shooting the reboot of Roseanne. On the actual date of the make up free episode January 11, 2018; Wilson (who also participated) filled in again for Gilbert who was wrapping up filming the reboot of Roseanne.
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    • In 2008, Mad TV spoofed The View and in that spoof Helga from American Gladiators replaces Sherri Shepherd. Hilarity ensues with Helga forcing the ladies of The View to talk about girly things including "SCRAPBOOKINGGGGG!" and extended the kitten segment. Sound Familiar? The Talk rarely talks about politics, the topics are typically girly (with the exception of what is going on the news), the hosts (and guest hosts) are people you would not expect to sit down at a table together, the moderator is from a very popular reality TV show and yes animals have appeared on The Talk countless times.
    • In Barbershop in a very notable scene Eve's character Terri Jones yells "Who drank my god dammn apple juice?" In which Calvin Palmer Jr. (played by Ice Cube) replies saying "Stop cussing this ain't Def Jam Comedy Jam." Which is a show Sheryl Underwood was known for appearing prior to being a co-host on The Talk.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Eve had this moment when she got the job and was selected from one of the many ladies auditioning on air to be Aisha Tyler's replacement. She admitted it to her hometown's CBS news station that she is a fan of the show. Coincidentally, the news anchor's that interviewed Eve also appeared on The Talk as part of their "Anchor's Away" week held yearly. Another big fan of the show that did audition... Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child who notably disclosed her battle with depression on the show which made her suicidal during her time with Destiny's Child. Permanent co-host Sheryl Underwood gave Williams advice on dealing with depression since her husband committed suicide from it. Underwood and the permanent co-hosts of The Talk gave Williams full support sharing her battle with depression and wanting to normalize mental health as a discussion. Although Williams did not get the job, she replied to many fans on social media supporting her desire to be a permanent co-host on the show. Williams was extremely grateful to have been given to the opportunity to audition for one of her favorite shows.
    • Eve also had another one of those moments on the show. On February 9, 2018; Gina Rodriguez made a guest appearance on The Talk to promote her series Jane the Virgin which the ladies of The Talk made a guest appearance on that night's episode "Chapter Seventy-Four" in which Eve admitted to Rodriguez she is a huge fan of Jane the Virgin and was honored to be in that episode with her fellow co-hosts.
    • Co-host Julie Chen (who also hosts Big Brother) has some few notable Big Brother fans that currently (and have) sit at the table with her; Eve (which Sheryl Underwood revealed during the show that she "watches this stuff") and Sara Gilbert (who admitted it walking into the Big Brother house when The Talk got to play ''Big Brother'' for the day). Her current co-hosts Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood did become fans of the show because of Chen. Former "Mother On the Street" Marissa Jaret Winokur is a huge Big Brother fan (who still communicates regularly with Chen about Big Brother) and won the first Celebrity Big Brother in the US.

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