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YMMV / The Prodigy (2019)

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  • Complete Monster: Edward Scarka was a depraved murderer who killed many women, taking their hands as trophies. Upon the escape of his final victim, Scarka was killed by the police, but his soul possesses a young boy named Miles Blume. Slowly taking over, Scarka kills the family dog, completely erases Miles's soul from the body, and stabs Miles's father to send him into a coma. Hunting down his one escaped victim Margaret, Scarka butchers her and plays innocent so Miles's mother Sarah will be shot by a good Samaritan, ending as Scarka continues to behave as a young boy, intending to continue his killing spree where none will ever suspect him.
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  • He Really Can Act: Jackson Robert Scott again showcases his talent as an actor in the film, especially if one remembers him as Georgie Denbrough.
  • Idiot Plot: You got a serial killer’s soul in a little boy’s body, and you think that bringing him to kill his intended target will fulfill his Unfinished Business, except that serial killers will just continue killing people.


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