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YMMV / The Last Emperor

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  • Awesome Music: The score composed by David Byrne, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Cong Su. Especially Sakamoto's main theme (,although Byrne's music plays over the opening credits. Cong Su only wrote one cue for the entire movie ("Lunch.")
  • Jerkass Woobie: Pu-Yi starts as a woobie, becomes a huge jerk (to say it very, VERY politely), then little by little he returns to woobie state. His Character Development revolves around him taking responsibility for being made an emperor of manchurian regime and accepting his role in causing war crimes.
  • Tear Jerker: All right, the whole movie is a big, giant tear. To wit:
    • The scene with Pu-yi's ghost.
      • It should be noted that in real life, Pu-yi visited the forbidden palace several times after his release from the re-education camps. The irony is that, he was asked to purchase tickets to enter (his own home). There were also times when Pu-yi acted as the palace's impromptu guide.
    • The audience just spent 2 hours watching Pu-Yi's tumultous life and the tour guide summarizes his life in 3 sentences.
    • There's the scene where, after Pu-Yi's release, he finds one of the prison wards (and the only one who treated him well) being given a completely undeserved Humiliation Conga for not following the Cultural Revolution's rules. Seeing Pu-Yi attempt to tell the Red Guard in charge that the ward's a good man, only to be called a crazy old man and pushed away, is harrowing...
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    • When little Pu-Yi is separated from his nanny, and when he learns what happened to his mother.


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