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YMMV / The Equestrian Wind Mage

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  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • Discord and Chrysalis, both of whom are just curbstomped by Vaati and his minions.
    • Volvagia, due to Fluttershy using the Stare to free her from Ganondorf's control, and her giving up the Element of Kindness in exchange.
    • Twinrova goes down fairly easily compared to the other boss monsters.
  • Author's Saving Throw: A lot of readers' viewed the Equestrian villains getting the short end of the stick, the Zelda villains being the major threat with Ganondorf overpowering the Elements and Daring Do getting her flank kicked by the Church of Majora, and Vaati single-handedly dealing with all the major villains while the Mane Six barely did anything. Come Season 2, and not only do the Mane Six hold their weight, they're the ones to finish off nearly every boss monster including Demise himself. Lampshaded during that last example, when Twilight points out that they've been relying on him the whole time, but now that he's too exhausted to continue, they'll have to finish it themselves.
    • The same could be said for how he brought back Diamond Tiara. Originally, she came up with the plan to burn down the Cutie Mark Crusaders' clubhouse with them inside it herself without Dethl there to possess her, was disowned by her father, and was supposed to die when the Krylock bit her. However, following the backlash from many fans who felt he was too hard on her, he wrote the chapter that revealed that Diamond Tiara was turned into a Krylock by the venom, was released by Dethl, sicked on Ponyville, turned back to normal, and was revealed to have been possessed by Dethl when she committed her deed, rewriting the original chapter to include that. However, it seems apparent that the author doesn't like Diamond Tiara very much, and despite bringing her back, didn't go easy on her.
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    • Admittedly, when she comes back the SECOND time, it's somewhat of a Moment of Awesome, as she arrives to tell Zelda to head for the Silent Realm in order to awaken the Guardians, having been given a steampunk makeover.
  • Broken Base:
    • Some feel the Equestrian side doing much better during season 2 makes up for Vaati stealing too much of the limelight in the first one, others feel it's too little too late considering it took over an entire season (18 chapters, amounting to over 140,000 words, plus some of the second season) to actually happen.
    • The Villain Team-Up. Some feel it makes the Church of Majora feel imposing and builds up the ultimate confrontation with it, other feel like it's completely forced and a large number of them are out of character just for considering teaming with Majora or each other. Of particular note is Starlight Glimmer's involvement, as either her motives to spread her doctrine make sense or it's complete out of character for her to team up with the likes of Sombra and Tirek particularly when she finally shows up and is team mates with Sunset Shimmer, who has the complete opposite worldview and goals than her to the point some feel like she's not even the same character.
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    • To some the fact Majora is the Big Bad and supposedly above a resurrected Demise. Some like it and find the character frightening and imposing, others feel there are other villains in the story (such as Demise and even Dethl (particularly due to he and Vaati being implied to be Related in the Adaptation)) that'd fit better or would prefer the original video game's Chaotic Evil Psychopathic Manchild over the long term thinking God of Evil with a massive Villain Team-Up it's presented as due to part of the character's fright factor coming from how unpredictable and insane it was.
  • Moment of Awesome: The Ponyvillians and Vaati's forces managing to win a battle against Ganondorf's troops, especially for those who felt like the Zelda villains were overshadowing the Equestria side too much. Stand out moments include Derpy and the Doctor bringing down Phantom Ganon with a ballista while Maulgrim has him distracted and letting the knight finish him off.
    Phantom Ganon: This...impossible.
    Maulgrim: This is Equestria. And here...anything is possible.
    • The CMC helping Discord defeat one of Majora's Avatars. And earning their Cutie Marks in the process.
    • All the boss battles qualify, really.
    • The entire Battle of the Crystal Empire.
    • The Mane Six fusing their Elements with their weapons to fight Demise with, besting him in combat, and then fusing their Elements, and themselves, into a massive golden spear to destroy him for good. Especially for those who felt the story was lopsided in the favor of the Hyrule cast.
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    • Everything's going wrong due to Majora disabling Vaati, and summoning it's new allies to deal with the Princesses... only for DIAMOND TIARA to arrive to inform Zelda of their second wind.
    • Chrysalis killing the Gohma's god, which simultaneously kills ALL of the Gohma, taking out a gigantic portion of Majora's army, and then holding off Majora's Avatar long enough for the Mane Six to destroy it with the Elements.
  • Fridge Brilliance: It seems the ponies accept Vaati because they know jackshit about his past... except they do. Vaati actually mentioned he used to kidnap maidens to keep him company. As ponies are very big about friendship and believing the best about everyone, they concluded Vaati merely wanted friends but was completely clueless about the proper manner to do so. Give him willing company and voilà, problem is solved.
  • Tear Jerker: Vaati's flashbacks to the many times he was bullied as a child are just heartbreaking.
    • Vaati completely breaks down as he realizes he's afraid of his own power, due to almost attacking Twilight when she tried to stop him from killing Discord as well as becoming sorely tempted to kill Celestia after she pressed him for information about his past.
    • Ahuizotl mourning his pet cats (slain by Ghirahim) alongside the broken Daring Do.
    • The aftermath of Dethl unleashing a bunch of dream monsters into the dreams of fifty Equestrians, fifteen of which die because Luna couldn't get to them in time. Most of them were foals, and two of them were Pipsqueak and Babs Seed.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Demise is resurrected...but Ghirahim is never shown reacting to this, or to Demise being killed Deader Than Dead. Given Ghirahim's defining trait in canon is Undying Loyalty to Demise, this feels like wasted potential.


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