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YMMV / The Chaser

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  • Complete Monster: Je Yeong-min, also known as Ji Young-Min or Young-min Jee, is a perverted Serial Killer who murders women to make up for his own impotence. A vicious lunatic even before his killing spree, Young-min brutally assaulted his own child nephew while babysitting him, leaving the boy lobotomized. Once he began to kill, Je tried various murder methods before deciding upon driving a chisel into his victim's skull to simulate sex, and goes on to murder around a dozen women through this method, burying them all in his garden. After attempting the same on Mi-jin, Je butchers an elderly couple who comes snooping around his property looking for a man Young-min is implied to have killed. Though Mi-jin manages to escape him temporarily, Je finds her at a grocery store, at which point he brutally murders both the store manager and Mi-jin with a hammer before decapitating Mi-jin and sticking her head on display in his fish tank. In his final depraved act, Je murders a dog with a shovel to prevent it from digging up his many victims, firmly showing himself to be nothing but a sadistic creep who covers up his insecurities with cruelty.