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YMMV / The Black Room

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  • Complete Monster: Baron Gregor de Berghman holds cruel reign over his Tyrolean estate years after a prophecy predicted he would die at the hands of his younger twin Anton. Habitually murdering the wives of the peasants he lords over to amuse himself, Gregor invites Anton back to his home with the intent to murder his benevolent brother and impersonate him. Gregor kills his servant Mashka after she expresses jealousy over Gregor's own lust over the beautiful Thea, and succeeds in tossing his own brother to his death into the titular Black Room, taking his place to marry Thea and rule unopposed. Gregor murders Colonel Hassel after he sees through his deception, and arranges for Thea's love Lussan to take the blame for the murder and be sentenced to death. Utterly bereft of his twin brother's decency, Gregor was willing to murder even his own blood to retain the power he so cruelly maintained.

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