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Some of the more debatable material from The Biggest Loser:

  • Acceptable Targets: Guess who! Then again, that's why they came.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Nicole's reappearance in Season 7. After being removed from the competition in episode 1, she returned after losing 87 pounds at home. Everyone was freaking out because she had the second highest percentage of weight loss in the entire house and her appearance caused widespread fear and chaos, as well as all sorts of talk of gameplay. However, she lost her immunity at the weigh-in by gaining 5 pounds, and she was swiftly sent home. This is never mentioned in the next episode (except for a team who and the game continues on as it was.
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  • The Catchphrase Catches On: Dropping your weight below 200 pounds has become known as entering "Onederland".
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Harassing fat people generally isn't cool. When it comes to Jillian, however, who often spouts things along the lines of "IF YOU'RE NOT PUKING OR DYING, KEEP WORKING YOUR F***ING ASS OFF", it can often flop over.
  • Dork Age: Not much as an "age" or "era" as it is a specific season, but Season 13 is infamous for having some of the worst contestants, personality and performance wise, in Biggest Loser history. The more tolerable contestants were booted in quick succession and it got to the point where literally four out of the final five were the most hated people in the franchise. Even Bob Harper said there were about 3 candidates that were "fantastic" (none of which made it to the final 5), while the others were downright terrible and nasty.
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  • Elimination Houdini:
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Filipe (season 7) accused Jillian for providing drugs to the contestants. In season 15, Jillian's team was penalized for a week because Jillian provided caffeine supplements to her team, although some of the viewers thought that it was a elaborate set up for bringing back Ruben Studdard from American Idol. There have also been similar allegations against Bob Harper that may have caused the show's cancellation, although NBC has yet to comment publicly on whether the show will be returning.
    • It's very hard to watch a past season where a contestant seems so elated to be finally making progress with their weight when you are aware of the fact that the contestant has gained a lot of the weight back since then.
    • Any time the trainers used the contestants' health as a motivator became this in early 2017 when Bob suffered a near-fatal heart attack while working out.
  • Narm:
    • Aplenty. The theme song alone is a ten on the narm-o-meter.
    • And the bombastic music for the weigh ins, that can even turn into a freakin' choir.
      • Reactions and expressions prior to each Ad-Break Double-Take during weigh-ins almost always fall into this.
  • Nightmare Fuel: If this interview with Kai Hibbard is anything to go by, the entire competition qualifies as this.
    • Season 3 in the Australian series had an episode where one of the contestants suffered a heart attack during training. ON CAMERA.
  • The Scrappy: Every season arguably produces at least one. Has led to what was perceived by the majority of viewers as The Bad Guy Wins several times, too.
    • All of Season 13 is proving to be a scrappy season. Every comment thread is calling it out as the worst ever.
      • This hit the fan when in one of the final episodes, when the final five were shocked that another, previously eliminated contestant would be returning. So shocked, all of them threantened to quit. This is despite the fact that this has been a staple since Season 5, and that their contracts say that this twist would happen.
      • Also counting that the season was dubbed "No Excuses", and they had what was, without a doubt, the biggest group of whiny competitors, full of excuses. Very few contestants were liked, and the ones who received the most Scrappy status amongst fans were those in Conda's alliance, such as her brother Jeremy and friend Kim, who were both rude and abrasive, and a church preacher who condemned lying and manipulation from others while indulging on it himself. And the final three? Conda, her brother Jeremy, and Kim. That's right, the three potential winners were three of the most hated contestants of an already hated season.
    • Dolvett's team was also attacked for almost immediately being hostile towards Adrian, who later turned out to be unbearable himself.
    • Neil was a rather extreme example in Season 4, after he pulled his stunt at the weigh in by gaining 17 pounds, in an attempt to eject Black Team members from the competition, leading to the assassination of another, better liked contestant, nobody would even look at him, and he was cursed out by Jillian. When he dropped 33 pounds at the next weigh in, the only reactions he got were of absolute disgust from the people left in the game.
    • The Black Team in Season 5. Half of the contestants threatened to throw the weigh in so they would be eliminated because they were so good that they stole the limelight from others by basically monopolizing the challenges.
    • Phil (in Season 6) in-universe. He was hated so much that his wife was eliminated by her team (Phil was on the opposite team) just to hinder Phil's performance. The next episode after his wife is voted off, his wife's team confronts Phil during dinnertime for allegedly badmouthing another player, forcing him to retreat to his room. Although his teammates said that they supported him, he was voted off when they lost the weigh in shortly after. And when it was revealed that a contestant would be returning to the show, several contestants dreaded the idea of him returning and said that anybody but him would be fine. Phil ended up losing the challenge, and instead, Ed, the husband of one of Phil's sworn enemies, Heba, was put back in the game.
      • It's worth nothing that the people who hated Phil the most, such as Vicky and Heba, are infamous as being some of the most hated people in the show's entire history. Heba, in particular, got so hated by the fanbase that at the penultimate weight where Heba & Ed is under the yellow line, and the voting is decided by the public, the public choose to deny Heba & Ed request to put Heba through the finals. Which ended up denying her the title of the Biggest Loser.
    • Joelle (where in week 2 her attitude causes a freak out from Bob, and Carla got mad at her during the time when Bob & Joelle won the rights to work out at her hometown) and Ron from Season 7
    • Tracey, and to a lesser extent, her partner Coach Mo, who was complicit in letting Tracey doing multiple destructive things (the biggest being Tracey winning all the temptations in the 3 week) to the course of the game, from Season 8.
    • At one point in Biggest Loser Asia 2, Raj was extremely disliked due to his manipulative behaviour, with the biggest being orchestrated Scott's (who was one of the strongest contestant) elimination. Values Dissonance plays here.
  • Squick:
    • The contestants, depending on how grossly obese they are and how it's distorted their bodies.
    • Shots of the contestants throwing up during workouts.
  • Win Back the Crowd: The 15th season, Second Chances 2. For one, the show is finally back to being simply an hour long, as oppose to the tiring two hour length. The season also adds a new rule, in that the contestant with the lowest percentage on the losing team always goes home (save for Trainer Saves). This aspect means that there's no voting, and a LOT less drama in the show.
  • The Woobie:
    • Trainer Shannon in the Australian version had a nightmare season 7 (Singles). Starting out with the male under-25's team, including Ryan, the heaviest contestant in Biggest Loser history, he knew from the get-go he'd have his work cut out for him. What he didn't count on was having one contestant leave the competition early in favor of taking a $20,000 temptation, having Ryan be eliminated the very next week, being forced to expel the only decently-functional man on his team not long after for a severe breach of the rules, and then having the other teams gang up on his last standing member just as he was starting to get the act together, resulting in his entire team being eliminated while the others all had three members apiece left in the game. The culminated in a distraught Shannon storming out of the Biggest Loser compound, remarking he felt like a failure as a trainer.
    • Jillian had the same issue at the beginning of season 14. The very first last chance work out, one of her team members quits. The first weigh in, her team loses, and since there is a red line that week, one of the contestants she felt the best about, TC, was sent home. Second week, the same thing happened, but with Nathan instead of TC. Her team (now down to two, compared to the 5 of both of the other teams), got a reprieve in week 3 due to a surprise weight loss by Pam, but lost the weigh-in of week 4, sending Pam home, leaving her with one member (Danni), while Bob had 5 and Dolvett had 4. Luckily, things soon turned around, and that one team member made it to singles. Guess what? Danni won.


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