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Some funny moments from The Biggest Loser include:

  • Season 7, Bob's freakout towards Joelle. Even Jillian admitted that she had never seen him that mad before.
  • Surprisingly enough, three in the Season 11 premier.
    • When the contestants found out that their first challenge would be a 5K, several contestants made comments to the camera. Justin said that he'd seen them on TV, and thought "Who'd be stupid enough to show up to one of those?"
    • When Arthur interrupted Bob's talking to the camera by falling over, the resulting conversation was rather amusing, and somewhat memeworthy. "How am I supposed to stand up if I can't move my leg?"
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    • And lastly, when Jillian said something about not going to yell at people, Bob made an amusing comment about how "Jillian will always yell at people." It Makes Sense in Context and is Truth in Television - she does, indeed, yell. Repeatedly.
  • Season 11, third week's Last Chance Workout. At one point, Arthur threw up while on the the treadmill. Jillian's comment: "Oh, he did throw up, how sweet!"
  • Season 17 features Survivor Borneo winner Richard Hatch. When the couples are on the treadmills and they are tempted by money, Richard gives a Call-Back to the tax scandal that put him in jail.
    Richard: "25 grand is a lot of money! But..."
    Erin: "... Split it two ways, take taxes out though..."
    Richard: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Who pays taxes?"
  • Season 9 had a proud contestant named Michael implore Alison Sweeney to feel the muscles he was building on his upper arm but then at the last second pulled away and asked her if her mother never told her not to play with guns. He then proceeded to laugh like crazy and get an amused eye-roll reaction out of Jillian.
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  • In Season 9, episode 13, the contestants "turn" on the trainers after a day of really heavy rainfall, grab them both and give them each a mud bath. Especially hilarious how Jillian valiantly tried to run but they caught up with her.
  • Train The Trainer arrives and Adro and his fellow teammate, after switching the trainer they desire to torture, declare that they're going "to do what Bob said" (namely make Jillian run, which she loathes). Jillian's retort is to whirl to the window and roar "WHAT BOB SAID!?" in a fury, at Bob.


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