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Trivia / The Biggest Loser

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  • Executive Meddling: As of late the show has been the recipient of some severe backlash thanks to the network's obsession with breaking records (fattest contestant, most weight loss, etc.) without much concern for the health of their contestants. Critics have argued that proper weight loss takes time rather than be a race to the finish line.
  • Romance on the Set: Some of them, like
    • Matt and Suzy from Season 2 US
    • Amy and Marty from Season 3 US
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    • Antoine and Alexandra from Second Chances US
    • Daniel and Rebecca from Second Chances US
    • Sam and Stephanie from Couples 3 US, though they were now separated
    • Michele Bridges and Steve Wills, who were the trainers in the Australian version
    • Gary and Carianne from Season 3 Australia
    • Christine and Hafiz from Season 1 Asia

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