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YMMV / The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Tien Ta is a brutal Manchu general who rules over his province with an iron fist, regularly subjecting the people to torture and public execution. Upon discovering possible dissidents in a school, Tien Ta enacts a brutal purge, massacring and torturing them by the dozens. When the hero San Te returns, Tien Ta continues the public executions and eventually orders the arrest, torture and death of anyone even suspected to associate with the rebels before he engages San Te personally.
    • Tien Ta's Co-Dragons, Lords Tang and Cheng, are just as vile as their master. Lord Tang leads Tien Ta's squads to abduct and torture those who catch their eye, with Tang leading the attack on the school and massacre of the students. When San Te's father attempts to save his son, Tang kills him without a second thought. Cheng functions as the Manchu regime's chief torturer, with one scene showing him enjoying torturing his victims as another helpless group of captives await their own turn. Both men are focused only on their own power as well as brutalizing those beneath them.
  • Values Resonance: If there is a reason RZA is such a big fan of this movie, in his own words, is because it shows that "The Man Is Keeping Us Down" is a problem that has affected (and continues to affect) societies around the globe.