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  • Jerkass Has a Point: Strega. While his actions after being picked up by Star Runner were manipulative, reckless and completely outside standard operating protocol at best, and he may or may not have been responsible for the situation in the first place, it doesn't change the fact that if he had not defied Commander Darius and sabotaged his own cryo pod, then flown the Infinity back through the wormhole, their chances of rescue would have been impossibly low, meaning he saved the lives of everyone aboard.
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  • Narm Charm: The alien slug. Obviously fakenote , still cool.
  • Special Effect Failure: Scenes in the interior of the ship's hold - that is, the area with the cooling towers themselves - are always shot in CGI, with fully CGI (spacesuited) humans rather than suited actors used where relevant.note  While it's believable when shown on in-universe computer monitors, and when the hold door is opened and the cooling towers are seen in the background, the differences from the live-action footage are apparent when CGI shots of crewmen actually entering are used.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: By the standards of its day and budget. Many if not most episodes will involve the Star Runner doing some cool manoeuvrenote  and/or encountering awesome space phenomena, complete with exterior shots of the Star Runner. Exterior shots of the Star Runner's flight are also used as scene transitions, as well as shots of the camera zooming out of one of its portholes and into another.
    • A notably nice touch here is that the shots will oftentimes actually feature the relevant surroundings of the Star Runner, rather than simply being lazily recycled out-of-context ones. When Star Runner is lost in wormhole space, the passage-of-time shots show it tumbling without power through this space, rather than flying proudly onwards on its mission, with the background matching what's seen from the ship's stardeck. Similarly, when the ship is stuck in the Sargasso disc, time passage shots again show it stopped with asteroids drifting and colliding around it, as well as later showing it side by side with the Infinity. Even the frequently-reused booster-ignition shot (often used to signal the beginning of manoeuvres) is modified when Star Runner is to pursue and discover the Infinity, showing the Sargasso Disc rather than empty space around the Star Runner.
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  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Cyriax masquerades as this while affected by the alien virus, and his true goal could also be argued to count. Although studying the wormhole further is a noble goal as is, potentially, returning the alien home, it is not worth putting the 549 cryons in the hold (plus the ship's crew) at risk to do so, and the former goal is arguably not worth delaying the mission for either; it would arguably be better to send a separate research mission.

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