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YMMV / Shellshock 2

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  • Complete Monster: Dr. Pierre DuMont, aka WhiteKnight, is a French scientist who was behind the creation of a dangerous virus which transformed people into feral mindless zombies. Offering US forces this virus for a price to use in their wars, DuMont was enraged when they refused to buy it and dismissed its value. Deciding to prove them wrong, Pierre breaks the cargo which contained the virus, releasing it into the world and murdering nearly all US troops who come to retrieve it. Capturing the survivor, Cal Walker, Pierre experiments on him, infecting him with the virus and releasing him into Vietnam, resulting in him infecting and killing countless people. Pleased with the results, DuMont captures and transforms more people into feral zombies, resulting in entire villages being wiped out and hundreds of people dying or becoming zombies.
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  • Sequelitis: The game is generally considered by critics and players to be worse than the original.

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