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  • Broken Base: The announcement that Visceral Games was shutting down and taking Ragtag with it only fanned the flames that Electronic Arts is doing poorly with doing anything new in Star Wars video games and are focused entirely on money. However, after Kotaku released an article describing the Troubled Production behind the game, some began to shift part of the blame towards the demands of the gaming market instead. Very much not helped in that Ragtag is joining a growing list of games that never were, including Maul, 1313, Knights of the Old Republic III, and pre-EA Battlefront III.
    • Also not helped when as Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) approached its release date and was subject to backlash when EA put up paywalls to unlock heroes, further tarnishing EA's reputation among gamers, leading to some people blaming certain groups of gamers for supporting this behavior.
  • Spoiled by the Format: If you look at our character page and the key art on the main page, you may wonder what happened to Buck and Wil.
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  • Too Good to Last: Upon the announcement of the game, people were hyped due to the lack of story-oriented Star Wars games in the past few years. After the lack of news, there were leaks in Summer 2017 by MakingStarWars, only for the studio and game's production to be shut down in Fall 2017.

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