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YMMV / Poseidon's Fury

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  • Awesome Music: The tracks played just outside of the attraction are often viewed as being some of the greatest in the park.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Although it's never been the most popular attraction in the parks, and is now looking increasingly out-of-date the show retains a strong fan-following to this day
  • Ham and Cheese: Darkenon, full stop. He is pretty much the combination of every single cheesy villain cliche you can think of. What else would you expect from Jeffrey Combs?
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: During development, the attraction's original title was, "Journey to Atlantis". The exact same title would later go on to be used by the neighboring SeaWorld park for one of their rides.
  • Narm Charm: There's about as much serious drama to the storyline of this attraction as your average Saturday Morning cartoon, but it's still a blast to experience thanks to the immersive theming, spectacular effects and if not despite, but just possibly because of the incredibly cheesy and over-the-top story.
  • Signature Scene: The "water vortex" is universally recognized as being the most memorable part of the whole experience.


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