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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Hecubah. The Airship Captain says (and the game wants us to believe) that she's nothing but a monster, totally evil and unable to be anything else because of her "cursed blood legacy." Then again... she did live through the genocide of her people, only lived because one man had a crisis of conscience, and then was raised by ogres who doubtless taught her that solving problems with violence is totally acceptable. As for the rest of the world... without necromancers left to hate the warriors and wizards decided to genocide each other instead, and the complacent conjurers decided to sit back and watch them do it. With all this in mind Hecubah comes off less as a Card-Carrying Villain and more as a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Wizards, who obviously possess a wide variety of attacks, some of which home in on your position, some of which inflict status ailments, and some of which hit like a freight train and could possibly outright One-Hit Kill you. The teleporting wizards on the fourth floor of Castle Galava are especially aggravating, as not only do they constantly zap in and out of the room, but they can hurl you from room to room as well, easily tossing you into a wizard ambush.
    • Beholders. Their favorite tactic is to cast Slow on your character and then zap them into oblivion with continuous damage lightning spells. And Warriors will find themselves dead even faster when they try to melee them and get torn to shreds just by coming in contact with them (to the point that even the Berserker Charge deals massive damage to the player.)
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    • Liches are challenging, but not too tough if you've dealt with wizards before. But then you've got lich warriors, who constantly rush at you full speed with warhammers and smash you to a pulp. They're quick enough that you have very little time to pull back and hit them from a distance.
    • Strangely enough, being able to disguise themselves as treasure chests is the least deadly thing about Mimics in this game. Carrying a metric ton of hit points, hitting quickly and carving right into you for massive damage (making melee nearly impossible without losing a huge chunk of your health) and relentlessly chasing you down make them one of the deadliest enemies in the game even by the time they start giving out diminishing returns on XP.
  • Fridge Brilliance: One might ask, why is the Crypt of Valor so full of traps? It's a crypt, there shouldn't be anything in it but corpses. More, there are some traps like the button-controlled burner floors that seem specifically designed for you to use them against enemies. It's almost as if the designers of this crypt expected to be dealing with zombies here. Then you remember, the Crypt of Valor is a mass-grave purpose built to hold all the bodies of those who died in the great war against the Northern Mages... the memories of those necromancers and their zombie hordes were still fresh in peoples' minds, so it wouldn't be entirely unreasonable for them to put in some sort of failsafes just in case some of the bodies started walking around again.
  • Game-Breaker: Bombers are essentially walking Bob-Ombs with up to three spells loaded onto them that walk into an enemy and detonate, triggering all three spells simultaneously. Even if the spells are prohibitively expensive, as long as you can cast them all back-to-back while standing next to a mana crystal you'll have a magic bomb loaded with a devastating magic payload to launch at any particularly tough enemy or horde (and you can create up to two at a time, even) while still having mana to cast other spells on top of that.
    • The presence of mana crystals in general can break spellcasters right in half. Just two or three can restore your MP to full from zero, and while they do run out of mana, they gradually regenerate, meaning that if you're patient you'll almost never have to use a mana potion (and if you have healing spells, you'll almost never have to use healing potions, either.)
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Urchins, who constantly run away from you and pepper you with rocks.
    • Gargoyles and Imps, who are basically urchins with higher damage output.
    • Ghosts, who can stun you just by touching you and teleport away each time they do.
    • Any poisonous enemy in general. They're typically weak, but attack in large numbers, ensuring that at least one poisonous attack gets through if you aren't careful.
    • Spiders, as well, especially the big, dark grey ones. They rapidly fire web bolts that do very low damage but give the slow debuff on hit.
    • On the other hand, Conjurers can weaponize many of these and use them against their enemies, even other players in PVP.
  • Goddamned Boss: Hecubah can teleport and turn invisible almost at will, and automatically does the former if she takes enough damage. Depending on which class you're playing as (which affects where the final showdown with her takes place,) this is either a minor annoyance or turns the entire fight into an aggravating, tedious affair.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Breakable Weapons mechanic. Weapons and armor degrade extremely quickly in this game, to the point that you might need to lug around a second set of armor and weapons because a fully-repaired set can easily fall apart right in the middle of a lengthy dungeon, and having them repaired is prohibitively expensive.


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