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  • Broken Base:
    • Certain character changes brought upon Midnighter's entry into the DCnU have left his fans with mixed feelings, most notably his eventual separation from Apollo and not (officially) being Jenny Quantum's adoptive father.
    • Some readers seem to take issue that the 2015 solo series prominently features homosexual sex scenes. Others point out that sexuality is no stranger for superhero comics that star heterosexual characters, and that Midnighter shouldn't be held to a double standard.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: It was one thing to make a pastiche of Batman who makes killing his modus operandi, but that the original parent company—WildStorm—would get bought out by DC Comics? And that the character would just as quickly be incorporated into the main DC Universe? And now, following his successful reception in Grayson, Midnighter could be considered a member of the extended Bat-family, up to and including an appearance in the penultimate issues of Batman and Robin Eternal!
  • Ho Yay: With Dick Grayson. He recognises Dick by his ass, and the two have lots of Unresolved Sexual Tension.
  • Super Couple: He and Apollo, literally and figuratively.
  • Win Back the Crowd: While the 2011 Stormwatch series was not well-received, his role in Grayson as a Foil and Hero Antagonist was quite popular. Reception to his newest solo series has been highly positive as well, with some critics calling it among the best comics published by DC Comics and matching, if not exceeding, Warren Ellis' take on the character.
    • The latest mini-series, Midnighter and Apollo, was widely considered one of the best comics to be published in 2016. It even got a GLAAD award nomination, for getting the titular couple back together, and even rescuing old Bronze Age Camp Gay character "Extrano"note  from the scrappy heap.
  • The Woobie: Gregario, formerly Extrano of The New Guardians, becomes one if you know his full backstory. He, along the rest of the New Guardians, were originally empowered by the Guardians of the Universe to be their successors and to propagate the next stage of human evolution. However, the team fell apart before it could accomplish any of their goals and most of the members ended up dying and were forgotten by the world at large. Extrano also contracted HIV from a vampire in one of his earliest adventures. It's no wonder he became less jovial and more jaded about heroics.
    • Even his annoyance about his old superhero name ("No one’s called me that in years, fewer lived.") has depressing undertones to it since most of his friends during his "Extrano" days are no longer alive.

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