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YMMV / Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde

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  • Narm: The lousy special effects, hammy acting, and overwhelmingly cheesy music has made it this.
    • Narm Charm: There is, however, a certain charm to the cheesiness of it all.
  • Older Than They Think: The Running Gag of the sky being something strange has appeared most in season three, but has first appeared in the second episode of season one.
  • Special Effects Failure: In spades.
    • When Julia Jekyll turns into Harriet Hyde, Julia's image is clearly dissolved into that of Harriet's while a not-very-good CGI overlay is placed on top.
    • When Harriet Hyde throws Mr. Blister out the window for the first time, she teleports a few feet closer to the window.
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    • When the sky is replaced by something strange, it is very obviously chroma-keyed onto a still image of the location. This even expands to normal sky- in the last episode, an explosion is obviously overlaid below the still image of the Rocket Academy!
    • When Harriet Hyde uses her Super Speed, the footage is obviously sped up.
    • Harriet Hyde's costume. Not only does it not look real at all, the "feet" are just furry boots!

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