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YMMV / Hate Plus

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  • Anvilicious:
    • The entire cake sequence in *Hyun-ae's route, which breaks the fourth wall to tell you that relationships require actual work.
      • Fridge Logic: It is relevant to note that outside of the context of the game, there is no relationship or any other person involved. The player is just dealing with a scripted game character, which gives an ironic tone to any scolding.
    • This is a sequel to a game about discovering what happened to a ship that reverted to an ancient Korean patriarchial society model. You discover just what lead to that reversion in Hate Plus. So, in case you didn't get the message about how sexism = super bad or not to let history repeat itself the first time around, here ya go!
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  • Better Than Canon: There's a mod that averts *Mute's death.
  • Broken Base: More than a few people are really unhappy you can't talk *Mute out of killing herself or revive her in her route. That, and the fact that Love put in a fake achievement lampshading her permanent death, didn't sit well with them. Thankfully averted in the Harem route, where *Hyun-ae can and will stop her, which is a Heartwarming Moment on her part.
  • Ear Worm: The theme song: It's Not Ero!
    • There's also Cake!. Bonus points for actually being 20 minutes long (that is, half the whole game soundtrack's duration).
  • Nightmare Fuel: Power, the track that plays for the logs of the more malicious political moves, perfectly capturing that feeling of hopelessness for the soon-to-be casualties of Ryu's new regime.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Some fan's reactions to New *Mute. It's even brought up in-story.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Cake scene on Day Three for *Hyun-ae. If you're not actually going and making a cake, you end up needing to sit around for about 3 minutes to "check" on whether or not you have what you need to make it, then another 5, minimum, to "make" the cake. You have to put up with that, or suddenly be a colossal Jerkass for no reason, before you can start the day. The only mercy you get is that *Hyun-ae will accept a simple 5-minute microwavable cake.
    • Memetic Mutation: A fake screenshot of *Mute demanding a grilled cheese sandwich in the same vein as the cake incident quickly became an in-joke for the fandom.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: While the story of Mughungwha's transformation into a patriarchal feudal society seems too preachy, it also displayed the social landscape where the corrupt and elitist government was overthrown by a security officer in the backdrop of the declining birthrate and authoritarianism. Consider the modern reactionary movements rising in the backdrop of economic recession, assumption of Political Correctness Gone Mad, and income inequality; the game's message on the controversial movements piggybacking off people's agitation against (presumed) failures of society and politics seems more like a lesson that should be learned as of The New '10s.
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  • That One Level: The cake sequence, unless you actually have the skills and items needed to cook, or you're willing to lie to *Hyun-ae, which will require you to wait out a significant chunk of time. You can Take a Third Option and buy a cake instead of making it, but you don't get to explain this to *Hyun-ae until enough time passes that *Hyun-ae thinks you've been making a cake.


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