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Trivia / Hate Plus

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  • Schedule Slip: Justified as it's a one woman dev team and her apartment caught fire!
  • Trolling Creator: A large faction among the game's Steam Forum community was convinced shortly after release that Christine Love created the utterly unobtainable achievement "Level Four Revive Materia" and had *Mute commit suicide in her route for the sole purpose of screwing with the fanbase and annoying completionists. While she was originally active on the forum, answering questions in an extremely cryptic and non-committal manner, backlash from a handful of extremely displeased fans drove her out of the forum and back to her Twitter account. Others believed DLC would add the required dialogue to attain the achievement, but Christine stated the game is complete as-is, further fueling the accusations that she killed *Mute and left the achievement in the game just to see how the fans would react. The achievement actually hides the one you get for ending the game with *Mute Version Three, "Did You Try a Factory Reset?", so it's possible Christine did it more For Science! than For the Lulz.
    • Fanon Discontinuity: The fandom eventually became fed up with Christine's refusal to answer their questions about this achievement, and decided they would answer the questions themselves by creating a mod for the game that adds in a good ending for *Mute and unlocks the achievement. Click these links to see the mod. Christine's only reaction to this level of devotion towards *Mute Ver2 was a stunned "dang" on Twitter, and only after the project was brought to her attention. The mod is now complete and can be downloaded via the above blog link.

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