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  • Anticlimax Boss: For an intimidating lion man who is the leader of the mutants and has been hyped during the game as a major threat, The Boss is not so hard as a Final Boss. All he does is hopping around trying to shoot you with his machine gun and it is relatively easy to find an opening to punish him while he moves. Most of the difficulty comes from the mooks assisting him, who will distract you while The Boss fires on you, and the fact that he counters grabs. The fights that come before him, against three Doberman and two Attary Palette Swap bosses named servants, are harder than him (although for the Doberman fight, there is a trick to lure them one by one, making them easier to defeat)
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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Though it has developed a good reputation for its charismatic art style and solid gameplay, the game’s incredibly voluptuous female lead is still by far the most well-known part of the game.
  • Demonic Spiders: The Doberman enemies are constantly bouncing around and can move in very quickly for some rapid punches, but their most dangerous move is their version of Dudley's Ducking Straight. They'll jump backwards before dashing forward quickly and while it does leave them vulnerable, good luck punishing them as the other Doberman in the area throw these out one after another.
  • Funny Moments: If you defeat Attary on the Nightclub's detour route, the heroes will be dumped down a trap door where some Ratties are having a conversation. One will mention how he wants fresh meat followed by the players dropping in, leaving the other two baffled.
    • The Boss' reactions to the player continuing are a little amusing.
    The Boss: Seriously?!
    • Ricardo has some hilarious moments for someone so serious. In the slaughterhouse stage he'll try to continue through a door only to get stuck because it's too small. A few attempts later and he just plows right through the wall. And in the ending when everyone's running out of The Boss' Collapsing Lair, he can be seen gliding along as he doesn't have a run animation.
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    • The fight with Attary has an audience providing banter on the fight. At first they diss the players and cheer on Attary. But as Attary gets beaten up they start to turn on him.
    "You suck attary!"
    "I want my money back!"
  • Goddamned Boss: Raven, the boss of the raft level, is quite vulnerable to air attacks... But not much else if you aren't skilled at the game yet. This means that without proper timing you'll mostly spend the time slowly whittling down his health while bouncing around on a small raft.
  • It's Hard, So It Sucks!: While the game has received praise for being difficult whilst not resorting to the cheap tactics of games it takes inspiration from; a lot of fans feel it can still get very frustrating at times with some bosses, and even normal enemies, able to take big chunks out of your health without you being able to do much about it. Also pretty much no one likes how spread apart the continue spots can be.


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