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YMMV / Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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  • Friday Night Death Slot: ABC moved this show to Friday nights, and was somehow shocked when they had to cancel it.
  • Funny Moments: Believe it or not, this show has its share. Chances are if Paul DiMeo is on the build team, there's going to be some of these, such as the time he turned a Dr. Seuss book into Green Eggs and Large Ham.
    • Every episode featuring the Muppets is stuffed with these, especially the instance of Miss Piggy knocking over an entire house with one well-placed karate chop.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Despite the series' good intentions, a few families saw a sad ending to their home makeovers after the broadcast of their episodes:
    • Several had to sell off their new home due to financial issues. Rumors claim that these troubles were caused by the families being unable to afford the sudden increase in utility use and property tax rates on their meager salaries, but most known instances of such troubles were caused by unrelated issues such as job losses or failed business ventures, especially during the late-2000s economic crisis.
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    • At least two families had to move out of their new home due to harassment from their neighbors, who felt they didn't deserve the makeover.
    • The Leomiti-Higgins family featured the five orphaned children of the Higgins family who had been adopted by the Leomiti family. It turned out they were only "adopted" as a way of getting on the show with the obligatory sob story; shortly after their episode was broadcast, the Higgins were forcefully evicted. The kids sued their "adoptive family", ABC, the production company and the builder for fraud, breach of contract and other related claims; their cases against at least the latter three were thrown out of court.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The whole point of the show is to invoke warm, fuzzy feelings.
  • Memetic Mutation: The clip of the Miller's house being detonated is a popular internet forum weapon.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • The first-season episode featuring the Woslum family, where the team had a special assistant...revealed at the end to be the family's father, who was on active duty in Iraq. They'd brought him home just to do the show.
    • Oftentimes when the old houses are destroyed. The Latif Family stands out; they used fireworks!
    • The Anderson family, who are most, if not all, visually-impaired and couldn't see the demolition. So they used everything from a jackhammer, a bulldozer, a chainsaw to a bomb squad with concussion grenades to make enough noise.
    • The Mattingly Family. They moved the old, small trailer-house to a monster-truck arena, and had the Monster Trucks destroy the house.
    • The Gomez Family. The family received, among other things, (flavored!) oxygen to cope with the eldest child's blood disorder. He also got lifetime season tickets for Real Salt Lake.
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    • The McPhail family. Due to the oldest son's fascination with volcanoes, they basically turned the house into one.
    • The series finale. The place? Joplin, Missouri. The challenge? Build seven homes for seven families in a community devastated by a tornado in the seven day limit. They succeeded.
  • More Popular Spinoff: Does anyone even remember that there was an Extreme Makeover non-home edition anymore? This is especially true outside the U.S., where it either didn't air at all or wasn't promoted to anywhere near the same extent.

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