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YMMV / Dungeon of the Endless

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  • Demonic Spiders: Hurna Riders. The main reason why they fall under this is because they can smash open doors, and each door smashed open counts as an extra turn, which can cause even more monsters to spawn in dark rooms, including more Hurna Riders! One must make sure these things die before they reach their intended door or else you will have Disaster Dominoes on your hands.
    • Chimera Kamikazes and Necrodrone Kamikazes, they blow up an entire room for huge amounts of damage. The elites are even worse- they can take anywhere between 0.5-1.5 seconds to blow up, and said explosion can easily wipe out half a character's health- two of them and it's a potential Total Party Kill.
    • Chimera Hydras can become this in large numbers. They have a lot of health, attempt to kill heroes/NPCs, hit hard from a distance, and have the ability to slow all heroes in the same room, ensuring that they and the other monsters can catch up to you and tear you apart.
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    • Chimera Keepers. Let them grow too big and they can destroy a team of four heroes easily due to their high regenerating health and heavy area damage. Even worse is the fact that they provide regeneration and attack boost to all other monsters in the dungeon while reducing the chance of dust drops. They also spawn in dark rooms, forcing your heroes to get through the waves of monsters to even reach them.
  • Game-Breaker: Using Tear Gas III-IV (decreases defense, deals Damage Over Time to all enemies in the room) with 2 Neurostunner IVs (will greatly slow down mooks to a crawl), and you get a room of death- enemies trying to pass through get their health slowly sapped away until they die or take heavy damage before they can exit. It works on pretty much all enemies except Silic Zoners, who kill said strategy. The other problem is that monsters killed via Tear Gas don't drop Dust.
    • Using Selblaster IVs (hits all heroes, NPCs and monsters in the room) with 2 Neurostunners is also a great way to create a kill room. Unlike the Tear Gas method, monsters killed by Selblasters do drop Dust. Just make sure none of your heroes are in the killroom when there are monsters in it.
    • The Aftershave. It does lower your attack rate and wit, but it gives the character the Skulker ability, which means that monsters ignore them as long as they have it. It's great at getting a hero through a horde to kill Hurna Riders and Chimera Keepers.
  • Goddamned Bats: The Silic Crystals and the Necrophage Crystophiles. They only have a One Track Mind: head straight for your crystal and whack it, which consumes your precious Dust permanently. The main problem is that Silic Crystals come in large numbers and can overwhelm turrets as they're low-priority targets, while the Crystophiles have a very good amount of health.
    • Necrophage Necrodrones love to target and kill your major modules as well as long-range characters. Elite variants are even worse, their attacks hit everything in the room, and can even target activated Artifacts and merchants alike.
    • Necrophage Hunters, especially the elite variants. They're the fastest enemies in the game, and within a few seconds can easily make it to your heroes or even worse, your crystal. They're still very fast even when affected by a single Neurostun IV!
    • Silic Bulldozers love to smash your major modules and artifacts, costing you industry or making your researching fail. They also hit everything in the room and have a lot of health.
    • Silic Zoners love to destroy your minor modules- if you thought you could leave your guns to take care of the enemies, these guys will put a wrench in your plans, forcing you to send heroes to attack them and repair any damaged minor modules. They're also one of the few enemies (if not the only one) that counters the above-mentioned Game-Breaker. The game's album even considers them a "pain in the neck".


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