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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Sure, Grunn's a surly drunk who smacks kids around and forces them to fish for slimy fish-things. But he used to do actual sailing - It can't be good for his temper to have to take care of kids at all.
    • Namely, two of the orphans do not belong under Grunn's care at all: Mace and Vi. Mace is a prankster and rebellious - And Vi is a teenage girl who's having her dreams slowly crushed in the same way Grunn probably did (In her case, dreams of being a fashion designer) and has a hairtrigger temper to match his. It's hard to tell which prospect would make one question the point of getting out of bed. A bed which, by the way, probably has bugs considering the orphanage's condition.
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    • Not to mention that Igrath and Scinter are always up for picking on him.
    • Given that he is in deep cover running the orphanage/safe house, isn't it reasonable to believe every aspect of Grunn's character is a put-on? I speculate he mistreats the orphans to maintain appearances and to toughen them up for the approaching conflict, a form of tough love. That he remains in character even when with his allies is just a measure of how committed he is to living his cover.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Bast, either you think he's a good character with many Character Development potentials. Or an edgy, dark, unlikable jerk.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Paige has got quite a few fans despite her short time in the series
  • Evil Is Cool: Averted with Randy. No illusion is made that he is anything other than a pathetic egotistical sycophant. Being an unrepentant murder doesn't change that.
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  • Evil Is Sexy: Tinsel definitely qualifies for this trope.
  • Love to Hate: Randy. It's a shame Webcomic Time means his inevitable comeuppance is such a long way off.
  • Moment of Awesome: The biggest part that Indi and Digo play in Volume Two. Here's the scene: Igrath, a fugitive for an as-of-yet unknown crime, and Scinter, the thought-to-be-dead leader of the biggest black trade operation in Anduruna's history, are trapped in the house they've been hiding in — Surrounded by fully-equipped Anduruna Shock Troopers, and unable to fight back due to the large crowds already present for the Harvest Festival. They manage to keep the Troopers at bay for a while, when suddenly, the crowd is upset by a 'runaway groundcart.' Swooping in to save the day come the Indigos, having gotten ahold of a cart full of illegal booze, which they crash into the middle of the standoff between the Shock Troopers and two of the very few capable adults on the side of good. Since the love of good booze is apparently universal, the Harvest Festival crowd is all too happy to partake in the refreshments that Indi and Digo so generously brought them — And the Shock Troopers can only watch as the riot unfolds. Finally, apparently just for the fun of it, the Indigos draw their performance to a close by both ripping off their tops for the crowd and throwing out even more booze. Oh, and the best part? The objective to get Igrath and Scinter out of there was successful, Indi and Digo got away, and they did it without seriously hurting anyone.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Randy was directly responsible for Paige's brutal murder, something he is completely unrepentant about.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Don't let the bright colors and cartoon animals fool you. This comic contains violence, blood, suggestive material and swearing.


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