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Other universes will come into play at some point

Isn't dead.But she won't be returning in Dreamkeepers...bear with me, I personally think Paige's death was a case of Deathbyoriginstory. But what's to say she didn't end up on, oh I don't know, Earth somehow, her death merely being the way she transferred over to it.
  • Who is to say she won't appear in Prelude?

Bone takes place on another part of the Dreamworld.
Phony Bone appeared in Volume two, given the way their world is and the emphasis it put on dreaming it'd make a lot of sense (for me anyways.)

Tinsel is Namah's Mother
The two have some physical resemblance to each other in fur/skin patterns. We also know that whoever Namah's mother is, she was someone who both a) didn't mind relinquishing her to the viscount's care, and b) was someone who had enough influence that the viscount would rather lock Namah away then to simply abandon them both. Tinsel would fit both descriptions, she is so self absorbed that she wouldn't care about even her own offspring beyond any benefit from the situation, and she certainly has enough, ahem, "sway" over the viscount to get him to do whatever she wants. Likely, if she is Namah's mother, she sees her as useful as backup blackmail material and that is why she allowed Calah to hide her away rather than just killing her outright.

Paige and Wisp are somehow connected
It is hard to imagine that it's a coincidence that Wisp looks like an older, color-swapped version of Paige with wings, especially in a world where characters have so much physical variation.

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